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Some former Big Brother houseguests watch the show. They had a lot to say about the dramatic moment between Daniel Durston and Taylor Hale. One of them even asked to go back into the house!

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 episode on July 27, 2022.]

Daniel blames Taylor for Paloma’s ‘Big Brother 24’ exit

The July 27 episode showed tensions were high in the house before the veto competition. Nicole Layog and Taylor were besties in the game. Nicole planned to throw it so they could go on the block and Taylor can get evicted. 

Nicole was really upset and Taylor tried to comfort her. “If there’s a point where you gotta tap out of the fight. Don’t even–” Taylor told her. ”That’s not even part of my vocabulary so,” Nicole said. “I appreciate you saying those words, but that’s not who I am.”

Nicole later accused Taylor of being passive-aggressive to Daniel. The Elvis impersonator told the pageant queen to stop and not speak to him until finale night. He then claimed Taylor was trying to do the same thing she did to Paloma Aguilar. This was confusing to Taylor since she did nothing to Paloma, but realize he was blaming her for Paloma’s mental struggle that led to her eviction.

‘Big Brother’ alums react to Daniel yelling at Taylor 

Tiffany Mitchell from Big Brother 23 took over Big Brother’s Instagram Story that night. She shared a video of herself saying, “I could be wrong but I don’t think that’s what Taylor meant at all. I think this game is getting to Nicole. She might need to do some meditation because she’s taking things the wrong way and out of context.”

 “I might be at CBS’ door,” she said in the next video. “Ya’ll gonna have to let me up in there. What did Daniel say to Taylor? I know he done lost his mind.”

Britini D’Angelo from the same season tweeted, “I truly don’t know how to feel right now. I’m so upset. Daniel & Nicole, you both need to learn what RESPECT & KINDNESS mean. Neither one of you are better or above ANYONE. Especially Taylor, you both could only dream. #BB24.”

Daniel Durston wears sunglasses while talking on 'Big Brother 24'.
Daniel Durston on ‘Big Brother 24’ | CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Janelle Pierzina tweeted, “Daniel is such a punk I want to beat his a**. #BB24.”

Josh Martinez, winner of Big Brother 19, tweeted, “Daniel & Nicole are f*cking weird #bb24.”

Kaysar Ridha simply tweeted, “Taylor for the win. Change my mind.  #BB24.”

Many alums aren’t fans of Daniel and Nicole. Time will tell if that changes with future episodes. Luckily, Taylor has finally found her alliance with The Leftovers and they plan to backdoor Ameerah Jones.