‘Big Brother’: Are Zach Rance and Jozea Flores Dating After Salacious Instagram Post?

After creating his OnlyFans and later getting candid about his sexuality, former Big Brother star Zach Rance is continuing to get buzz. This time, people are talking about him because they are wondering if he is dating another Big Brother star, Jozea Flores, due to Flores’ posts on Instagram.

Zach Rance in 2015
Zach Rance in 2015 | Rob Kim/Getty Images

Zach Rance has been making headlines

Last week, Rance came out as bisexual and revealed that he had a relationship with Frankie Grande and was attracted to him in the Big Brother house. He spoke about it on the Mental Health Collection and With Love, Alexa podcast along with another Big Brother alumnus, Tommy Bracco.

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“I’ve been straight my entire life,” he said. “I’ve only liked women, but on Big Brother. Frankie and I got super, super close. I fell in love with who he was as a person. Super funny, super smart, good-looking guy, and as time went on, we got so close I wasn’t sure if I had feelings for him or not. I’ve always been straight, so it was never a thing to like guys.”

They slept together after being in the house. He described the relationship as one “that was more than just friends.” He explained, “He [Grande] was the first guy that I ever hooked up with. And after that night, I was very unsure about the direction of my sexuality because I like women parts.”

Zach Rance slept with Franke Grande and someone else

After sleeping with another guy, he began to rethink his own perception of himself. “I was like, ‘Woah, second guy I hooked up with,” he explained. “OK, where am I right now?’ But the more I thought about being with a guy… you know, making out is one thing…doing more than making out with a guy is something that I just don’t want to do and I’d never tried it. But I just want to come out and say that I enjoyed hooking up with Frankie and the other guy I hooked up with — clearly I enjoyed it, because things went down.”

Now, Rance is setting the record straight in an effort to be clear about who he is and because he never confirmed that he was bisexual.

“I just wanted to come out and be transparent and come out and say I am bisexual, even though I do lean more toward heterosexuality,” he continued. “But I just wanted to clear the air on that… because it’s funny, a lot of people reached out to me about the Frankie thing and I never came out and said I’m bisexual. But I am.”

Zach Rance and Jozea Flores on Instagram

Many people had wondered if Rance and Flores are dating after collaborating for OnlyFans. According to Out magazine, Rance was posting on his Instagram Stories that he was in Florida with him.

Flores then posted salacious photos of him and Rance on his Instagram to promote their OnlyFans. He wrote in the caption, “2020 has brought us some f**** up s**t. But I honestly have to say this right here is the best to end my year! Say what y’all want.”

Though he posted on his Instagram Story that he was with Flores, Rance did not repost any of the photos or videos from Flores’ post onto his Instagram feed.

Neither one of them have officially commented on if they are a thing or not, so it is safe to say that they likely aren’t dating and just did this for OnlyFans.