‘Big Brother’ Star Bayleigh Dayton Competed on ‘Family Feud’ Before ‘BB20’

Popular reality television star Bayleigh Dayton rose to fame during her time on the CBS competition series Big Brother 20. Therefore, she landed a spot on the cast of MTV’s long-running competitive franchise, The Challenge, and an invitation back to Big Brother for All-Stars 2. Before competing on these series, she also became the first African-American Miss Missouri USA and appeared on the game show Family Feud.

Bayleigh Dayton is the 6th evictee on Big Brother
Bayleigh Dayton is the 6th evictee on Big Brother | Sonja Flemming

Bayleigh Dayton placed 11th in ‘Big Brother 20’

In June 2018, then 25-year-old Atlanta-based flight attendant Bayleigh Dayton appeared on Big Brother 20, where she quickly got into a showmance with Chris “Swaggy C” Williams.

After his early eviction, she developed friendships with other allies who were also quickly blindsided. During Week 3, America granted her a Power App, and she told Rachel Swindler about it to gain trust.

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However, Rachel betrayed her and relayed the information to the dominating Level Six alliance. The group kept Bayleigh’s target in the house two weeks later when she won Head of Household and then blindsided her a week later.

Bayleigh failed to win her way back into the competition and became the first member of the jury, placing 11th. Even though Bayleigh didn’t win the game, she found love with Swaggy C, who proposed to her at the finale. The couple is currently married.

Bayleigh competed on ‘The Challenge’ and returned to ‘Big Brother’

A year after appearing on Big Brother, Bayleigh and her then-fiancé competed on the MTV reality competition series, The Challenge 35: Total Madness.

The couple avoided becoming targets because of their alliance with the other Big Brother rookies on one side as well as veteran Wes Bergmann on the other.

Additionally, they kept each other safe by winning a combined five missions with their teammates, earning a coveted place in the Tribunal. Swaggy C attempted to get his ticket into the finals by beating Cory Wharton in an elimination.

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However, he failed, exiting the competition in episode 12. Bayleigh won her elimination against veteran Aneesa Ferreira but couldn’t finish the finals due to an injury, placing third.

Shortly after returning from filming, she competed on the second Big Brother All-Stars season, where she went home pre-jury. After their appearances, the couple announced their retirement from reality television. 

Bayleigh competed on ‘Family Feud’ before ‘Big Brother’

The Dayton family appeared on the popular game show Family Feud for the Nov. 13 episode that aired a couple of months after BB20 wrapped. However, Bayleigh appeared on the series a month before she got cast for Big Brother.

She competed in the Fast Money round alongside her father, and the two came up with the necessary points to win the $20,000 cash prize. The family also returned for another episode.

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A year before appearing on Family Feud, Bayleigh won Miss Missouri USA (2017), becoming the first African-American to do so. The Challenge 36: Double Agents premieres on Dec. 9, and Big Brother returns next summer.