‘Big Brother’ Cast Reacts to Kyland’s Outburst, Derek Calls Him ‘Disgusting’

Big Brother has a surprising top three. That’s because there were two tough competitors left in the game, Xavier Prather and Kyland Young. But their alliance ended with a big confrontation.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Sept. 24 episode of Big Brother 23 .]

Kyland insulted Xavier before leaving the Big Brother house

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The Sept. 23 episode started with Azah Awasum and Kyland on the block. Kyland had a final two deal with Xavier called The Gentleman and was very loyal to it. He hoped to beat the “best” player in the game.

However, Xavier also had a deal with Derek Frazier. He knows keeping Derek and Azah in the game gives him a better chance to win in competitions and win over the jury. That’s because they have little to no competition wins, unlike Kyland.

So Derek voted to evict Kyland. Kyland was angry about this and brought up Xavier’s nephew, who he previously said he wanted the prize money to help raise.

“Yeah, I mean I thought the whole Kobe thing raising him to be a man and face challenges and stuff,” Kyland told Xavier. “Are you talking about my nephew right now?” Xavier asked. “You know named after Kobe, Kobe doesn’t step down from the challenge. He accepts it,” Kyland said. “I would suggest you stop talking about my nephew,” Xavier said. 

Kyland didn’t stop there. “If your nephew has no one to look up to-” he added. Xavier stepped closer to him and said, “Keep talking about my nephew, Ky.”

Derek and Azah tried to intervene. Julie Chen Moonves also pushed for Kyland to leave the house.

The cast reacts to Kyland’s outburst

Kyland Young poses for 'Big Brother 23' cast photo
‘Big Brother 23’ houseguest, Kyland Young

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The Sept. 24 episode showed the cast right after Kyland’s eviction. Derek decided to celebrate it with champagne.

“Cheers, Kyland! Why not?” Derek asked. “Cheers to my showmance. You did really good this season. You thought you could run all over me. But I ran you out of the house.” He then held his champagne glass to Kyland’s picture on the wall.

“Cheers, Ky!” Xavier said and he did the same thing to Kyland’s picture. “I was surprised Kyland would go so low,” he said in the diary room. “I’m not going to go there with him. That’s not the man that I am. I came here to play a game and I’m not done playing.”

Derek said Xavier did an “amazing” job handling that. “The way that Kyland left this house is disgusting,” he said in the diary room. “It just shows me once again why my decision was the correct decision. Look how he acted. Like a damn fool.”

Xavier explained he had a final two deal with Kyland called The Gentleman, but he didn’t care. He had to go for a better chance to win.

Kyland is now a member of the jury. Fans will soon have to see what he has to say when he joins the other jury members and when the whole cast is reunited for the finale night, which airs on CBS.