‘Big Brother’ Spoiler: Christian and Alyssa Answer if They’ll Be a Couple if He Gets Evicted

Big Brother 23 started with potential showmances being targeted, but that changed. Since then, Christian Birkenberger and Alyssa Lopez became very close and even kissed. But the house might split them up. Will they be a couple outside of the house? This is what the houseguests said.

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers for Big Brother 23 live feeds on Aug 12!] 

Christian’s game could end on ‘Big Brother 23’

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Derek Xiao is Head of Household (HOH) this week. He decided to turn on his Royal Flush alliance and take a shot at Christian because he couldn’t compete as outgoing HOH. Christian has also won a lot of competitions.

The Aug. 11 episode showed Derek X putting Sarah Beth Steagall and Britini D’Angelo on the block. He revealed to Sarah Beth that his plan is for someone to use the veto, and he could put Christian on the block to evict him.

The episode ended with his plan coming close to fruition. Britini won the veto, and Derek X told Alyssa he plans to put up Christian. Alyssa is in a showmance with him, so it’s not surprising that she tried to convince him not to do it. Christian pulled Derek X aside right before the ceremony to try to convince Derek X to change his plan.

Christian and Alyssa answer if they’ll be a couple if he gets evicted

'Big Brother 23' houseguest Christian Birkenberger
‘Big Brother 23’ houseguest Christian Birkenberger | Cliff Lipson/CBS/Getty Images

The live feeds have revealed Christian is on the block, and he’s pretty sure he’s going home. So, where does that leave his relationship with Alyssa?

Christian and Alyssa were talking in bed on Aug. 12. He said if he does come back, they’ll be in a showmance. “Well, my manager will be very happy. This is the exact situation he wanted. He wanted me to go out the exact week before jury,” he told her. Christian also said his manager somewhat joked that when he comes back, they’ll get him a hot girlfriend “to complete the look.” But he hinted that plan might change because of his showmance.

“That’s obviously not the case because I have one on the show,” Christian told her. “Well, I have somebody in mind.” Alyssa asked what if her manager already had someone in mind. Christian said his manager isn’t his matchmaker. Alyssa reminded him it’d be two months of them being apart.

“It’s gonna stink without you. I’m gonna miss you a lot,” he told her. Christian later said he might post a hammock or a “new girlfriend” picture. Alyssa told him it’s not true and he shouldn’t post lies. He asked if it would be cheesy to ask her to be his girlfriend in the house. Alyssa said it’s only cheesy because he’s leaving. But Christian mentioned they agreed to not do this until out of the house, but he wondered if his leaving would change that. 

“I just would rather wait after the show,” she told him. “I don’t see the point if you’re leaving.” Christian said she’s right. He joked that he might ask on eviction day, but she told him not to do that to her. “That’s so mean,” she said, smiling.

It sounds like Christian is interested in being in a relationship with Alyssa. But they agree to wait after the show to see what happens.