‘Big Brother’: Christmas Abbott Denies Cheating Rumors After Revealing She’s Dating Memphis Garrett

Fans of Big Brother noticed a showmance might have been brewing between two houseguests. Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett were seen becoming close throughout the season. However, they were dating other people who weren’t on the show.

Abbott and Garrett have announced they’re dating. This is what Abbott has to say about rumors their relationship started while on the show.

Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett were close on ‘Big Brother’

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Abbott and Garrett became close on the last season of Big Brother. They were in multiple alliances together with The Committee then The Wise Guys.

But fans also noticed they were becoming physically close during the season. The houseguests were seen drinking and hanging out together in Week 9 on the live feeds. Garrett was seen sitting in a recliner and Abbott was sitting on the arm of it. He had his arm around her.

Fans also believed they were kissing while the live feeds were on. But it wasn’t clear because Garrett held up a sheet to block the camera. The rumors weren’t a good thing given both of the houseguests were dating people outside of the show.

Abbott denied cheating rumors

Christmas Abbott on 'Big Brother'
Christmas Abbott on ‘Big Brother’ | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

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Abbott posted a series of pictures of herself with Garrett on Instagram on Dec. 1. She captioned it with “Love is not found, it’s built. @memphisgarrett (I promise it wasn’t a kiss) #2020#unexpected #christmasabbott#memphisgarrett#bb22#theangrytherapist.”

Garrett shared the same post on Instagram and captioned it with, “Sometime people come into your life and you know they just belong. We tried to fight it but fate had its own plan. Excited for the future.” Abbott wrote,”My maniac” in the comment section.

The reality star has confirmed that she’s now dating her former ally in the game. But she denies there was anything more than friendship between them in the house.

“We both were dating people while we were in the house, but each of our relationships were only a few months starting in March of this year,” Abbott told Us Weekly. “Nothing long-term for each of us. No one was inappropriate.”

Their fellow houseguests have reacted to the news

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Some of their fellow houseguests shared their responses. Tyler Crispen, who was also in The Committee, left a comment on Garrett’s post with, “Yoooooooooo im [sic] shook right now but not really.”

Enzo Palumbo also left a comment with “Bunch a wiseguys !!!!” giving a shout out to their alliance. Other veterans of the show also reacted to it. Big Brother 20 winner, Kaycee Clark left multiple heart emojis in the comment section.

It looks like fans were right in noticing they had some kind of chemistry. Now they’re dating, but claim nothing inappropriate happened between them while competing on Big Brother. Abbott and Garrett didn’t win the season. But Abbott made it farther in the game and placed fourth.