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Over the past 22 seasons, a Black houseguest has never won Big Brother, which Da’Vonne Rogers highlighted several times last season. Therefore, six players during BB23 formed The Cookout, with a “mission” of seeing one of them win. Even though they share the same goal, the three-time competitor admitted her “paranoia” would’ve “ruined” the alliance.

Da'Vonne Rogers poses for 'Big Brother 18' cast photo
‘Big Brother 18’ houseguest, Da’Vonne Rogers | Monty Brinton/CBS/Getty Images

The Cookout was formed with the intentions of getting a Black winner

During the first week of the competition, Derek “Big D” Frazier, Tiffany Mitchell, Azah Awasum, and Xavier Prather agreed they had the same goal: to see a Black person win for the first time in the history of the original franchise.

They also noted they wanted to finish what Da’Vonne Rogers started last season. The group later included Hannah Chaddha and Kyland Young, calling themselves The Cookout “for the culture.”

Initially, their plan only included not gathering in the same room to avoid detection. Wanting to advance the group as far as she could, Tiffany Mitchell came up with an idea to pair up with someone outside of the Cookout so if anyone nominated one of them; they would go up alongside their “person.”

The alliance would then control the votes and save their members. It has worked so far as no one has fully caught on to the group yet.

Da’Vonne Rogers had the same ‘mission’ as the Cookout last year

Last year, the three-time competitor often spoke about the Black Lives Matter movement and aligned with Bayleigh Dayton, creating Black Girl Magic.

She also attempted to advance the other Black players in the competition, including David Alexander and Kevin Campbell, as she refused to vote either out, even when it benefited her game.

However, they had a hard time getting on the same page due to mistrust. Following Bayleigh’s eviction, the three attempted to work together and flip to save Ian Terry.

But, they didn’t know another houseguest they counted on, Nicole Franzel, had more loyalty to the dominating alliance, The Committee. Ultimately, they were picked off as they didn’t have the numbers.

Still, Da’Vonne used her exit speeches to highlight the lack of Black players and winners, inspiring The Cookout.

She congratulated the alliance for making it past the jury phase

Replying to a fan who thought she and Tiffany would’ve performed well in Big Brother 23 together, Da’Vonne claimed she’s not the best BB player and is happy the Cookout member is “on her season.”

Additionally, reigning America’s Favorite Player admitted, “my paranoia would’ve ruined everything.” After naming Tiffany, Hannah, and Azah as her top houseguests, she shaded another Cookout member in another tweet.

A user tweeted her a transcript of a conversation of Xavier and Hannah discussing which “BB legend” could return to host a competition. When Hannah suggested Da’Vonne, he repeated “BB legend,” seemingly implying she isn’t one. The three-time competitor quote tweeted it, noting, “I’ve been holding my peace about this man and his dry lips, but this is strike two.”


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She later congratulated the alliance for making it to Week 8, tweeting a clip of the entire group meeting for the first time of the season. The fan-favorite said her “heart is full” as well as “this is what I’ve wanted and waited for” before encouraging the group to “get this win.”

Responding to backlash for her remark, she insisted she’s “still rooting for him, for the cause.” Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7 Central on CBS.