‘Big Brother’: Derek F Disses Whitney for Calling Him ‘Disrespectful’ and More

Big Brother 23 ended on a rocky note for some. Many fans turned on Derek Frazier for how he talked about women, and Whitney Williams also commented on it. He responded to her, calling him “disrespectful” and more.

Derek Frazier was runner-up on ‘Big Brother 23’

Derek Frazier poses for 'Big Brother 23' cast photo
‘Big Brother 23’ houseguest, Derek Frazier | Cliff Lipson/Getty Images

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Derek F started out on the Jokers Team on Big Brother 23. But he also became part of The Cookout alliance, which formed on the first day. 

The alliance eventually had the goal of becoming the final six houseguests, and they were successful. They then had to turn on each other. Derek F often would talk about targeting women. Sometimes he complained they weren’t winning, although he ended the season not winning a single competition.

He eventually made it to the final three with Xavier Prather and Azah Awasum. But then he started telling Azah that she only made it so far because of him. Derek F’s comments got so bad that Azah changed her mind about taking him to the end if she won the final Head of Household.

However, she lost, and Xavier won. Xavier took him to the end and won every vote on the jury.

Derek F disses Whitney for calling him ‘disrespectful’ and more

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Whitney previously shared her thoughts on the game on The Winner’s Circle with former Big Brother winners Cody Calafiore and Derrick Levasseur. She weighed in on Derek F, making it so far in the game and more.

“Derek F was incredibly disrespectful toward everybody, but specifically women,” Whitney said. “Like if you were to go through and read some of the tweets of the crap that he said about Tiffany behind her back and all of these other women behind their back and taking all the credit for them and acting like they did nothing in the house. And all this other bullsh*t. Like, I think he’s entitled. I think he has the wrong idea of women, and I hate the fact that he just won $75,000 because he’s the easiest person in the house to beat. If anybody were up against him, they were gonna win.”

Calafiore said that’s why he’s at the end with Xavier. “Exactly!” she replied. “He’s so proud of himself for making it to the final two. But the reason why he’s in the final two is because he’s the easiest person in the entire house to beat, even easier than me.”

The runner-up responded to a tweet that had a video of this interview. He wrote, “I just got home. Is this one of the new girls from #Survivor41?”

He later tweeted, “Hey everyone, I gave my apologies to individuals that I felt I owed an apology too [sic]. Love my cookout family! #CO #family @FamilyFeud #alllove #thecookout.”

Who did Derek apologize to?

Derek F has received a lot of backlash for how he talked about women on the Big Brother live feeds and on the show. He addressed that in multiple ways. But he also posted a picture of himself with Azah on Instagram and wrote a statement in the caption.

The caption reads, “@wonderfulworldofaz (Azah), let me first say , thank you for sitting down with me this morning, so I was able to apologize once again in person. I want to again say , I am so sorry for my actions towards you. I should have never acted or treated you the way I did.”

He continued, “We had a great friendship all the way up to the end of the season and I ruined that by being rude. I will continue trying my best to show you how apologetic I am. I do love you and I do consider you as one of my friends. Thank you for holding me accountable.”

All the members of The Cookout have said they’re family and are doing fine. But it looks like Derek F and Whitney might not be friends after the season.