‘Big Brother’: Derek X Said Jury Was a ‘Ky Hate Club’ Before Tiffany Joined Them

Big Brother is a tough game because you need to evict people, but still, have them like you to vote for you to win. Derek Xiao revealed that the jury was against Kyland Young for some time. This is what eventually changed that.

Kyland started making enemies on ‘Big Brother 23’

Kyland played a good strategic game. He was a member of The Cookout and he worked closely with Tiffany Mitchell at the start. It looked like they would control the game together.

But both of them made their share of enemies. Kyland worked closely with Sarah Beth Steagall, and told her many lies. Once she was evicted, she realized this and revealed that she is very hurt by how he played her.

“I completely respect that he chose not to tell me,” she said in reference to him being in The Cookout. “He knows what type of player I am. I would have blown it up in a hot second if I thought it would save me.”

“I am struggling with all the lies he told me that were unnecessary,” she explained. “The conversations that we had that didn’t need to be had and the lies that he led me into. So it’s painful for me.”

Sarah Beth wasn’t the only person who was against Kyland. Derek X explained how the other jurors felt about him.

Derek X said jury was a ‘Ky hate club’ before Tiffany joined them

Kyland Young poses for 'Big Brother 23' cast photo
‘Big Brother 23’ houseguest, Kyland Young | Cliff Lipson/Getty Images

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Kyland placed fourth in the season. He was Xavier Prather’s toughest opponent for the prize, but would the jurors have voted for him? 

“Before I came in it was just Britini [D’Angelo] and she was very anti-Ky,” Derek X told Rob Has a Podcast. “She was not about it. And then I came in and I was on the fence. I think in the beginning I was pretty anti-Ky just because I was still a little salty about how I left on SB’s HOH and I was pretty sure that Kyland was like feeding her stuff during the HOH.”

“SB took Ky’s hoodie and threw it into a tree,” he continued. “She was not on his team. She was not on his team anymore. So us three were just like the Ky hate club in jury house.” 

He said that continued when Claire Rehfuss joined them. But Tiffany came and Derek X said his resentment toward Kyland started to fade. He later started respecting Kyland’s game because people didn’t like him, but managed to stay in the house. “It’s hard not to root for an underdog,” Derek X explained.

“Me and Tiffany, I’d say, we started being like the Ky fan club,” he said. They tried to flip the house for Kyland. But Kyland was later evicted. It looks like the jury was determined for someone to beat Kyland, but there were some people rooting him to win the CBS show.