‘Big Brother’: Why Winner Derrick Levasseur Thinks Everyone Should Play in All Veto Competitions

The backdoor, created in Big Brother 5 as the six-finger plan, involves the Head of Household nominating two pawns, so their intended target isn’t guaranteed to compete for safety in the Power of Veto competition. Then, the POV removes someone from the block, allowing the HOH to nominate their intended target as a replacement. Typically, the HOH doesn’t make the move without guaranteeing the votes to secure their eviction beforehand.

Many fans have agreed an actual backdoor only happens if the target didn’t have the opportunity to save themselves. As some viewers think a fan favorite will get backdoored by the end of BB23 Week 7, former champ Derrick Levasseur believes the show should change the format to allowing all players to compete for the Veto.

Former champ Derrick Levasseur in kitchen while talking to 'Big Brother 19' houseguests
‘Big Brother’ champ, Derrick Levasseur | Johnny Vy/CBS/Getty Images

Only one player has experienced a true backdoor during ‘Big Brother 23’

The biggest physical competitor left in the competition, Christian Birkenberger, won the Head of Household in Week 4, becoming ineligible to compete the following week.

Derek Xiao earned the title and immediately thought about targeting Christian as he proved the most significant threat to his game. Not wanting to give him the opportunity to save himself in the Power of Veto competition, he nominated Sarah Beth Steagall and Britni D’Angelo for eviction.

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Britni won, and Derek X. followed through with his plan, backdooring Christian. Two weeks later, The current HOH, Sarah Beth, debated targeting Derek X. as she considered him a huge threat she didn’t fully trust.

However, due to the High Rollers twist and his likelihood of winning the Veto, she noted she would backdoor him if given the opportunity. As Derek X. is a fan-favorite, many Live Feed viewers began sharing their concerns on Twitter. 

Former winner Derrick Levasseur thinks everyone should play in Veto Competitions

Former champ Derrick Levasseur seemingly weighed in on the situation, tweeting, “I really think it’s time for Big Brother to allow all houseguests to play in the veto competition each week.”

He continued, “Too many good players have worked too hard in that house to have their game ended simply because a plastic chip with their name on it wasn’t pulled.”

However, several fans disagreed, noting that a major part of the game is having social capital to make it past the week needing to play. Another indicated that allowing everyone to compete would turn into it more competition than strategy.

Others sided with the BB16 champ, claiming they also wanted the show’s format to change as it’s become “dull and predictable.” Additionally, many pointed out that he incorporated the backdoor technique during his season as well.

Houseguests have previously claimed only a few chips are in the Veto bag

Throughout the series, many fans have noticed that certain houseguests seemingly repeatedly get picked for Power of Veto competitions while others are rarely chosen.

The players are determined by drawing names out of a bag, and some claim production interferes with the process. During Week 2, the BB23 houseguests seemingly confirmed the conspiracy theories by complaining that only six chips were available to pick out of the bag.

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Before the Veto competition, Frenchie thought about backdooring Derek X. and got annoyed after his name was drawn from the bag. Speaking with Kyland Young about it, he said he “didn’t love the fact that there were six chips in there,” and Kyland agreed, adding “influence.”

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