‘Big Brother’: Former Champ Dick Donato on Why He’s ‘Disappointed’ in Daughter Dani’s ‘BB22’ Game

Big Brother 8 winner Dick Donato and Dani Briones made it to the final two, the first father/daughter duo to do so. Dani returned for the second All-Stars season over 10 years later, and her father frequently comments on her current gameplay. He previously called himself a “fan” of her BB game but admitted he’s “very disappointed” by her performance on season 22.

Runner up contestant Daniele Donato,  Dick Donato, winner of Big Brother 8,  and host Julie Chen speak during the Big Brother 8 live show finale
Runner up contestant Daniele Donato, Dick Donato, winner of “Big Brother 8”, and host Julie Chen speak during the “Big Brother 8” live show finale | Frederick M. Brown

Dick Donato and Dani Briones on ‘Big Brother 8’

In 2007, then 20-year-old Dani Donato competed alongside her estranged father, bar owner Dick Donato, as part of the “Rivals” twist in Big Brother 8. Although the two hadn’t spoken in a few years, they played well together, and the duo quickly became a threat.

During Week 6, Dick and Dani were nominated next to each other, and the bar owner unleashed vicious personal attacks on the houseguests to make himself a target.

Dani saved herself by winning the Power of Veto, and America’s Player Eric Stein spared Dick, as the viewers wanted. The father/daughter duo made it to the final two, mainly due to their multiple competition wins, with Dick winning over Dani in a 5-2 vote.

They returned for BB13 as part of the Veteran’s twist, but the BB8 champ left during the first week after a positive HIV diagnosis. His departure resulted in Dani receiving immunity until the final 10. However, she got evicted two weeks later.

Dani returned for ‘Big Brother 22: All-Stars’

The now 34-year-old, who has since married BB13 houseguest Dominic Briones and welcomed a daughter, returned for BB22, her third season. She quickly aligned with Cody Calafiore and outside friend Nicole Franzel, and they, including Enzo Palumbo, made up the Core Four.

The group also created several alliances with other houseguests to protect themselves and avoid getting put on the block together so they could control the votes.

However, the side alliances weren’t necessary because Cody, Dani, and Nicole teamed up with Christmas Abbott, Tyler Crispen, and founder Memphis Garrett to create “The Committee.”

The majority alliance dominated the competitions, winning all but one to date. Therefore, they were able to plan out and control every eviction. However, The Committee members realized Dani planted seeds of doubt around the house and began not to trust her anymore.

As a result, they chose to evict her over the only remaining winner, Nicole, in the triple eviction.

Dick says he’s ‘disappointed’ in Dani’s gameplay

The BB8 champ, who remains very active in the community, has frequently shared his thoughts regarding his daughter’s third time competing. In an Aug. 2020 tweet, he admitted he found it “very hard to root for Dani this season” because her “mean girl” behavior is turning her into “one of the types of girls I have always hated watching BB.”

He also correctly guessed that Dani would get upset when The Committee turns on her “and treats her like she’s treating these people” because she refused to hug Tyler and Christmas once evicted.


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After Dani joined the jury, the former champ noted in a tweet that he’d “always been a fan of Dani’s gameplay” in previous seasons. He pointed out that she won several competitions and proved herself as a “very smart strategist” in BB8 and “played with no fear and a f**k you attitude” during her second run.

However, he admitted he’s “very disappointed” in her BB22 gameplay because she didn’t play her own game. The former winner believes BB16 champ Derrick Levasseur created pre-game alliances and thinks Dani stuck to them instead of pulling the big moves that would have benefited her. Big Brother 22: All-Stars airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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