‘Big Brother’: Potential ‘All-Stars’ Player Called ‘Truly Homophobic’ by Season 12’s Ragan Fox

Although the official cast for the highly anticipated Big Brother 22: All-Stars will be revealed live on the premiere, many insiders believe they already know which houseguests are coming back. BB12’s Ragan Fox, known for his heated arguments with Rachel Reilly Villegas, recently took to Twitter to call out CBS for potentially casting someone who is “truly homophobic.”

TV personality Ragan Fox speaks at Reality Rocks Expo - Day 2 at the Los Angeles Convention Center
TV personality Ragan Fox speaks at Reality Rocks Expo – Day 2 at the Los Angeles Convention Center | Alberto E. Rodriguez

Ragan Fox on ‘Big Brother 12’

In 2010, then 34-year-old West Hollywood-based college professor Ragan Fox competed on Big Brother 12. He initially played an under-the-radar game and created great relations with Matt Hoffman and Annie Whittington.

The college professor became the season’s second Saboteur and successfully wreaked havoc on the house for two weeks, earning $20,000 without his houseguests suspecting him.

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Eventually, the 34-year-old figured out the dominating Brigade alliance and named all its members to his friend, Hoffman. The “Brains” informed the rest of his allies that Ragan was on to them, making the college professor the number one target in the house.

After saving himself from elimination by winning the Power of Veto, he ended up on the block again the following week. The college professor pulled out another win but ended up going home the next week after barely losing the classic Otev competition.

‘All-Stars’ returns for the first time since 2006

On July 22, 2020, TMZ revealed several potential All-Stars houseguests who arrived in Los Angeles for COVID-19 testing and began their two-week quarantine period.

After months of silence, CBS finally released a promotional video confirming the heavily rumored All-Star season the following day. It announced BB22 would feature all returning players with some winners and have a live move-in for the second time in the show’s history.

As one of the first Los Angeles-based reality series returning to production during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the network has released a set of protocols to ensure the houseguests’ and crew’s safety.

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For example, the players are tested several times before moving in and will continue to receive weekly tests. Additionally, any items they receive will be properly disinfected.

The crew won’t have any contact with the houseguests and must wear personal protective equipment. They must undergo daily screening for COVID-19 related symptoms and have to live on set for a few weeks at a time before switching out with other crew members.

Ragan Fox called Enzo Palumbo ‘truly homophobic’

Although the cast will be revealed live on the premiere date, many rumored lists are circulating social media, several that name BB12’s Enzo Palumbo as a returnee. Annoyed by the finalist’s possible return, Fox took to Twitter to call him “truly homophobic.”

According to the former college professor, Palumbo made offensive jokes about Fox’s sexuality during his last week in the house. The BB12 star also stated that if CBS casts the Meow Meow again, it would mean the network hadn’t learned anything from the public scrutiny they faced after the homophobic and racist controversy during BB15.

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He also explained he thought it would send a message that “homophobes are all-stars” if CBS brought back Palumbo, who Fox deems as homophobic. While some fans believe the former college professor, many think he’s only upset he didn’t receive an invite to return for the upcoming season.

Big Brother 22: All-Stars airs Aug. 5 at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.