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Big Brother 11 finalist Kevin Campbell returned for BB22: All-Stars over 10 years later. Although he connected with Nicole Anthony, Bayleigh Dayton, and Da’Vonne Rogers, they never won the power to make a move. Additionally, his notorious bad reads on the house prevented him from making a dent in the main alliance. As a result, he was eliminated during the first half of the triple eviction.

After the season, all the houseguests received collective items and presents from CBS and long-standing host Julie Chen. Kevin opened his live on Instagram, and hilariously reacted to getting a Bible. While fans are living for his reaction, many are also calling out the host for gifting him, who has shared his story of negative experience with religion, the faith-based items.

Big Brother - Kevin Campbell during Live show on September 10, 2009
Big Brother – Kevin Campbell during Live show on September 10, 2009 | Cliff Lipson

Kevin Campbell returned for ‘Big Brother 22’

Eleven years ago, California native Kevin Campbell competed on Big Brother 11 as part of the Off-Beats clique. He skated by with the majority and was responsible for one of the competition’s frontrunners, Jeff Schroeder’s eviction.

The following week, Kevin saved himself with a Power of Veto victory but failed to win the second part of the final Head of Household competition. Eventual winner Jordan Lloyd cast the sole vote to evict Kevin during the finale, resulting in a third-place finish.

The California native returned for Big Brother 22: All-Stars, where he was immediately relegated to the minority when he became one of the first houseguests nominated.

Even though Kevin escaped elimination twice, he never created lasting connections or had the power to make a move and was eliminated during the first part of the triple eviction.

Kevin reacted to Julie Chen gifting him a Bible

Following every season of Big Brother, the houseguests receive gifts from Julie Chen and the network, including their key and BB comic. Kevin opened his presents live on Instagram and became confused when he ran across a Bible.

The BB11 finalist, who has spoken about his experience with his former Jehovah’s Witness community, including parents, excommunicating him when he came out as gay, initially questioned if the network meant to send it to him.

Kevin read the card and laughed when he realized the gift came from the host. He noted that “Julie got hella Jesus-y” and wondered if the granola she also sent held a religious connotation.

Although he called himself “Jesus-intolerant” and didn’t understand why the BB host sent him a Bible, Kevin noted he “appreciated” it. 

Fans are living for Kevin’s reaction

After Kevin’s Live, a BB fan clipped his reaction and uploaded it to Reddit. Many followers noted they found his response “hilarious” and “priceless” and wished more of his personality translated on-screen.

It’s believed that the long-standing host sent the religious gifts to all the houseguests and crew, which some fans found “tasteless” as many are not Christians, namely BB22 houseguest Kaysar Ridha who is a practicing Muslim.


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Additionally, several think she might have “pushed an agenda” and claimed they would have been “offended” if they were in Kevin’s shoes. On the other hand, others noted they perceived it as merely a gift meant with “good intention.”

Big Brother 23 returns next summer.