‘Big Brother’ Fans Joke There’s a Twin After Editing Mistake

Big Brother editors try to tell a story as smoothly as possible. Fans sometimes noticed their small slip-ups. This time fans are joking Hannah Chaddha is a twin due to an editing mistake.

There were 2 nomination ceremonies on ‘Big Brother’

Hannah Chaddha on 'Big Brother' poses with her hands on her hips.
Hannah Chaddha on ‘Big Brother’ | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

The Aug. 29 episode started after Tiffany Mitchell won Head of Household (HOH). She decided to target Sarah Beth Steagall for targeting Derek Xiao last week. The plan was for Kyland Young to sit next to her since they have been acting like a duo.

But then there was the High Roller’s Room, where people who could afford to play can go for the Coin of Destiny. Derek Frazier played and threw the competition. Claire Rehfuss played and won, anonymously becoming HOH and being able to make her own nominations. 

This meant there was a second nomination ceremony. It was revealed Claire supported Tiffany’s decision and also chose Sarah Beth and Kyland. But fans noticed in a clip that Hannah Chaddha was wearing a blue sweater, then in another clip a blue headband and flannel shirt in the same nomination ceremony.

‘Big Brother’ fans joke there is a twin after editing mistake 


Fans shared the two pictures of Hannah on Reddit. The original poster showed a meme of side-by-side pictures of the two Hannahs with the words “Tonight’s twin twist reveal at nominations was crazy.”

One person wrote, “I did. Did a double take.”

A third fan added, “Honestly a twin twist that was never revealed until they were voted out would be great.”

“First one is Hannah in a sweet romcom. Second is Hannah as Tomb Raider,” another fan joked.

Another fan wrote, “On the left is Hannah, on the right we have Chaddha.”


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The last comment is in reference to how Hannah was introduced to the audience with her first name. However, she has since told fellow houseguests that she prefers to be called by her last name. Houseguests have since stuck to using Chaddha in the diary room and in conversations. But this has understandably confused some fans because production never edited in Hannah’s talk about her name.

One fan even made a Reddit thread complaining about it. “This perfectly sums up just how much production misses the forest for the trees constantly on this show,” the original poster wrote. “They think the viewers are so stupid that they need the rules of every competition explained 50 times, but they somehow also think the viewers are savvy enough to be able to figure out that a Houseguest changed their name midseason only through hints and innuendo.”

Kathryn Dunn from Big Brother 21 left a comment in the same thread shedding light on how production works. “They ask us ahead of time what we would like to go as! So Hannah must have told them that she wanted to go as Hannah on the show.

I told them to call me Kathryn (bc that’s what I introduce myself to people before going by my nickname, Kat) so that’s why all of my production equipment/signs or whatever they make for the games said KATHRYN…. But obviously it’s not as stark of a difference as Hannah/Chaddah so it’s not as confusing,” she wrote.