‘Big Brother’ Fans React to Zingbot’s Roast, Say ‘Azah Got Destroyed’

It’s that time again for Zingbot to come to the Big Brother house. The robot didn’t hold back when it came to some of the season 23 stars, and that includes Azah Awasum

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers for Big Brother 23 episode that aired on Sept. 8!]

Azah has a crush on Xavier on ‘Big Brother’

Azah has been working as a member of The Cookout since the beginning of the season. Xavier Prather is one of those members, and Azah made it known that she has a “middle school crush” on him.

However, she also made it a point in her intro to say she would avoid getting into a showmance. She has been successful so far, and she has just been allies with Xavier. But Zingbot took notice of Azah’s crush and used it to zing her.

Zingbot insulted the ‘Big Brother 23’ cast

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Every season Zingbot comes to roast the cast. This helps some of the cast members realize how they’re being perceived by people in the house or by fans. But usually, it’s all just for fun.

First, he went after Alyssa Lopez. “Alyssa, you’re from Florida, the sunshine state, which is ironic considering you’re so dim,” Zingbot said. Alyssa didn’t get it, so he added, “To be clear, I’m calling you dumb.”

Next was Xavier. “Xavier, I’m gonna reveal your secret!” Zingbot said. “You have a crush. All season long, you’ve been admiring their body, getting lost in their eyes, and staring at their a–. Oh, wait! That’s just your reflection.”

“I’ve been Zinging over a decade now, and it never gets old. But you know what has? Tiffany [Mitchell]!” Zingbot said. Tiffany responded by giving Zingbot the middle finger.

Zingbot joked about spotting Big Foot, but it was just Claire Rehfuss. He also joked about not knowing Hannah Chaddha at all.

“Big D, you’ve made quite the mark on the BB house this summer. Too bad it’s in the toilet!” Zingbot told Derek Frazier.

“I’ve determined the following things will never happen time travel, teleportation, X going on a date with Azah!” Zingbot said.

The last big zing was for Kyland Young. “Kyland listening to you talk is like sitting by a brook, an endless babbling brook. Shut the f– up!” Zingbot said.

Fans react to Zingbot’s zings 

Azah Awasum of 'Big Brother' poses in an orange dress.
Azah Awasum of ‘Big Brother’ | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

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Fans gave their reactions to all of the zings on Reddit. They thought some houseguests got it worse than others.

“Zingbot saved the bleep for Ky, a worthy choice” one fan wrote.

“Lol, really funny especially after Hannah said she doesn’t remember Travis” another fan noted.

“Azah got destroyed,” one fan wrote.

“Omg azah’s was legit mean poor babe” another one commented.

“Poor Alyssa not even getting it. I’m dead” someone else wrote.

“Zingbot to other contestants: You’re dumb! You’re old! Zingbot to Azah: XAVIER WILL NEVER LOVE YOU BACK,” another person wrote.

It looks like multiple fans agree Azah’s was the harshest zing. But Kyland also got called out by the robot.