‘Big Brother’ Fans Say Alyssa Being Mad at Sarah Beth for the Veto Competition ‘Makes No Sense’

Big Brother competitions could easily ruin relationships. Alyssa Lopez wasn’t happy with Sarah Beth Steagall after playing in a veto competition together. But this is why fans are siding with Sarah Beth.

Sarah Beth competed for the veto on ‘Big Brother’

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The Aug 11 episode picked up after Derek Xiao nominated Sarah Beth and Britini D’Angelo. His plan was to backdoor Christian Birkenberger. Derek X revealed this plan to Sarah Beth, and she decided to keep that plan a secret. That way, Xavier Prather, Alyssa, and Christian will still go for the veto for her.

The veto competition was an endurance one. She, Britini, Derek X, Alyssa, Kyland Young, and Claire Rehfuss competed in it. After a houseguest dropped out, they picked a prize, and they had the option of keeping their prize or switching it for someone else’s.

Sarah Beth was the second person to drop out after Claire, who had the veto. She got $5,000 and decided to keep her prize. She figured because Britini was still in the competition, she would have stolen the veto anyway, so why not keep the money? 

However, Alyssa was very upset about this. She believed that because Sarah Beth is on the block, she should want the veto instead of counting on other people to win it for her. Derek X did consider taking the money from Sarah Beth, but then she started crying, so he kept the punishment. Britini won the competition and took the veto.

‘Big Brother’ fans says Alyssa being mad at Sarah Beth for the veto competition makes no sense

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Fans reacted to the episode on Reddit, and a few chose sides between Alyssa and Sarah Beth. Many of them are siding with Sarah Beth.

“Alyssa getting upset at SB for not taking the Veto makes no sense. As a fan, she should know how that comp goes, right? SB would have 100% gotten the Veto taken by Britni at some point. Anyone with even an ounce of sanity would take the $5k in that case, nominee or not,” one fan wrote.

“Has Alyssa never seen that competition before? Why was she upset at SB for not taking the veto. Anyone with a brain would have kept the money,” another fan wrote.

The tension between Alyssa and Sarah Beth didn’t end there. Derek X decided to reveal his plan to backdoor Christian to Alyssa right before the veto ceremony.

The ‘Big Brother’ episode ended with a cliffhanger

'Big Brother 23' houseguest Sarah Beth Steagall poses for cast photo
‘Big Brother 23’ houseguest Sarah Beth Steagall | Cliff Lipson/CBS/Getty Images

The episodes leading up to the veto typically end with a veto ceremony. But this episode ended differently.

There was time spent on Derek X revealing his plan to Alyssa given she’ll still be here next week and he wanted to salvage their relationship. Alyssa claimed this was bad for his game since Christian was just HOH and didn’t go after him.

Derek X also told Sarah Beth this plan in front of Alyssa. She simply told him that he needs to do what’s best for his game. Alyssa caught on that Sarah Beth was probably going to have Alyssa fight for the veto for Sarah, knowing Christian was at risk. The episode ended with Christian making one last plea, and Derek X doesn’t reveal his nominations. Things aren’t looking good for the former allies.