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Some dedicated Big Brother fans watch the live feeds, so they don’t miss anything in the game. But Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli has a lot to say about fans who think they know everything, and Hannah Chaddha from last season weighs in.

Pooch claims ‘Big Brother’ live feed fans don’t see anything

Joe 'Pooch' Pucciarelli from 'Big Brother' 24
Joe ‘Pooch’ Pucciarelli from ‘Big Brother’ 24 | CBS

Fans can watch what’s going on in the house at any time on the live feeds. Many of them were upset by how other houseguests had treated Taylor Hale. That includes Pooch, but he addressed them on Twitter.

He tweeted, “Y’all that think you know what happens in that house 24/7 because of live feeds are hysterical. Just like on the TV episodes same with the feeds. Producers show you what they WANT you to see” on July 27.

Fans weren’t happy about this. “Feeds are edited and produced starter pack #BB24,” one fan tweeted with Pooch’s picture and other former houseguests like Derek Frazier. “Never said they were edited said they don’t show every room of the house 24/7. Cmonnn at least keep my tweet in context lol,” Pooch tweeted.

Hannah Chaddha calls out Pooch for blaming ‘Big Brother’ producers

Hannah Chaddha from last season chimed in on the situation. She tweeted, “my guy…having been in your position <9 months ago there is not a single aspect of my game/how i conducted myself that the live feeders are not aware of. and what is your commentary what we did see? ik you’ve gotta be more creative than the ‘you don’t see everything’ excuse #BB24.”

Chaddha also shared her reaction to last night’s episode where Nicole Layog accused Taylor of being passive aggressive, and Daniel Durston yelled at her. She tweeted, “now for nicole & daniel…how dare daniel place ANY of the blame of paloma’s mental break on taylor?! when taylor responded with ‘that’s not fair’ & looked like she was about to cry i was ready to jump thru my TV screen back into the house ugh that destroyed me for her #BB24.”

She added, “& the fact that nicole—with that short fuse of hers, uncanny ability to exercise confirmation bias, and hasty/unwarranted judgement of ppl’s characters & ‘goodness’—was in law enforcement for 10 yrs is deeply concerning. some of these HGs are literally decayed and stale #BB24.”

Paloma Aguilar also claimed fans don’t see everything


‘Big Brother 24’: Pooch Denies Microaggressions Against Taylor, Addresses Calling Her Loud

Pooch isn’t the only one to make this case to fans. Paloma Aguilar shared a message on Instagram and addressed the backlash she was receiving for mistreating Taylor.

“It is such a shame how social media tries to tear a person down through cancel culture because of the way things were being portrayed to fit a narrative for ‘good TV’,” read part of her statement. “People see it as ‘the ultimate truth of reality’ when in actuality everything is cut to fit the narrative they want, even the live feeds cut from room to room when things are said that can jeopardize the storyline their going with. (studied at Berkeley MediaST10).”

So former houseguests have a very different reaction to knowledgable live feed fans. Chaddha seems supportive of them.