‘Big Brother’ Favorite Helen Kim Responds to Conspiracy Theory That She Was ‘Pushed’

For nearly 10 years, many fans have believed that production “pushed” Helen Kim-Fitzpatrick off during an endurance competition in Big Brother 15, causing her to lose. She has since responded to the conspiracy theory.

Many fans believe Helen Kim-Fitzpatrick was ‘pushed’ during ‘Big Brother 15’

In 2013, Chicago-based political consultant Helen Kim-Fitzpatrick competed on Big Brother 15. After starting the game under the radar, she became a top player and began figuring her way to the end.

When her allies realized it involved cutting them, they turned on her first, and she was evicted in Week 8. She returned the following week for a re-entry challenge but lost, placing ninth.

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During the endurance competition in which Houseguests must hold on to a wall for as long as possible, many fans believe they saw a crew member’s face underneath Helen’s platform.

Then, she fell, losing the game. Due to the timing of her fall, it’s become a conspiracy theory that someone “pushed” her because production didn’t want her to return to the house. Other fans are convinced that she purposefully jumped and believed she might have a deal with those behind the scenes.

Helen denies being pushed in a recent response

In July 2022, nearly 10 years after her season concluded, Helen finally responded to the conspiracy theory.

Replying to a tweet in which the season 15 favorite applauded other former Houseguests for speaking out in defense of season 24’s Taylor Hale, a fan simply declared, “you were pushed!”

Helen responded, claiming she wished but denied it. “I am terrible at the endurance BB comps,” she insisted before adding that the games are “much harder than what you think watching TV.” While the fan accepted her answer and commended her strategic play, others didn’t.

Another quickly pointed out that while a cast member might not have pushed her, someone seemingly “tapped” on her platform right before she appeared to jump off it. Someone else wondered if the show had any “dirt” on her. Helen didn’t offer any more explanation.

Zach Rance has accused the ‘Big Brother’ of ‘rigging’ competitions

Many fans have believed that other competitions are rigged for certain outcomes or a specific person to win, and season 16’s Zach Rance seemingly confirmed it in a May 2020 Instagram Live.

He claims producers placed him in a favorable position that gave him an advantage during the Otev competition, which he ultimately won and needed as his allies turned on him. In one memorable Battle of the Block that required the Houseguests to partner up and maneuver a ball into designated holes using chain ropes, Frankie Grande won it single-handedly when Caleb Reynolds refused to compete with him.

According to Zach, he and Caleb previously plotted to get the YouTuber out of the house and planned to throw the competition.

After they told others about their plan, Zach claimed production disassembled the scheduled game and built a different one. Additionally, he claims that Caleb changed his mind and chose to play after seeing the competition, knowing he could mess it up for Frankie, but said producers wouldn’t let him. Big Brother 24 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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