‘Big Brother’ Star Holly Allen Defends Her Choice To Have a Sexual Relationship in the House

Big Brother 21 runner-up Holly Allen began dating eventual winner Jackson Michie in the house, and they continued their relationship after the show wrapped. A year after finale night, Holly expressed her frustration for the edit in an Instagram post because she felt it focused more on her showmance than her strategy. Several fans commented with harsh comments about Holly getting physical with Jackson in the house, and the runner-up defended her choice.

Holly Allen and Jackson Michie in the Big Brother House
Holly Allen and Jackson Michie in the Big Brother House | Monty Brinton

Holly Allen dated Jackson Michie during ‘Big Brother 21’

Last summer, 32-year-old Wyoming native Holly Allen and Los Angeles-based 25-year-old Jackson Michie met in the Big Brother house but didn’t immediately start a romantic relationship.

Instead, Jackson quickly hit it off with “floater” Kathryn Dunn, who Holly knew before entering the BB house from the pageant and modeling world. During one of their conversations, Kat revealed her pre-existing relationship with Holly to Jackson, who later told Jack Matthews, his number one ally at the time.

Jackson ended the fling shortly after that for Holly as they were aligned through majority alliances Unde9able, Gr8ful, and Six Shooters. The showmance had a comfy spot until Jack exposed Kat and Holly’s connection in Week 5, alienating the couple.

They relied on each other and won several competitions to make it to the end where Jackson beat his girlfriend in a 6-3 vote. The couple continued to date after the show and moved into an apartment together.

Holly and Jackson broke up a year later

After almost a year of dating, Jackson and Holly took to their individual social media accounts to share they ended their relationship. While Jackson largely remained quiet about it, Holly appeared on a podcast where she opened up about her seemingly abrupt breakup with the BB21 winner.

The Wyoming native called the situation “incredibly devastating” as she had to find another place to live during the COVID-19 pandemic.


She also explained there “wasn’t really a reason for the split” but admitted they completely relied on each other after the show as they dealt with hate from the BB fandom due to Jackson’s behavior in the house.

As a result, the two stopped hanging out with their friends and “lost sight of the real world.” A few months after the breakup, Holly found an apartment, and the two seemingly co-parent the dog they adopted together Sahara.

Holly defends her choice to have a sexual relationship in ‘Big Brother’ house

A year after her BB21 finale night, Holly took to Instagram to reflect on the day “one of my biggest dreams slipped through my fingertips” and her gameplay. She expressed her frustration that the edit never showed her strategy and instead focused on her showmance.

Many fans have pointed out that Holly didn’t reveal her moves to Live Feed viewers, which is why they discount her as a good player and believe Jackson carried her to the end.

Additionally, several viewers only remember the runner-up for David Alexander mistakenly calling her “Beth” or her physical relationship with Jackson due to Live Feed clips of it that circulated Twitter.


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Under her post, a follower called her the “shower stool girl,” and another told her to “own” her showmance experience. Holly replied to the users, “The fact that y’all are both women and only seeing me for one small aspect of my life, that man that I was dating, is everything that’s wrong in this world.”

She also defended her choice to get intimate with Jackson in the house in another response, noting that she’s “allowed to express my sexuality,” which is only one “aspect” of her. Big Brother 22: All-Stars airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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