‘Big Brother’: Holly Allen Reacts to Jackson Michie’s Claims, Says She’s ‘Afraid’ of His Reaction

Big Brother 21 winner and runner-up, former showmance Jackson Michie and Holly Allen have exchanged shots since their breakup in June 2020. However, it recently took an ugly turn as Allen replied to his response to her TikTok video, claiming she feared speaking up earlier due to photos and videos he reportedly has of her.

Holly Allen and Jackson Michie laying on a bed in 'Big Brother 21' Dart Room
‘Big Brother 21’ stars, Holly Allen and Jackson Michie | Monty Brinton/CBS/Getty Images

Holly Allen made a TikTok joking about exes, and Jackson Michie responded

Over a year after the Big Brother 21 stars broke up, Holly Allen posted a TikTok video in which she joked about a relationship ending due to “religious differences” because “he thought he was God, I didn’t.”

In the comments of the video, she seemingly confirmed she referenced her split with Michie. Replying to one fan, she explained she overlooked his “red flags” because it’s easy to “cling to any source of comfort” while in the Big Brother house.

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Michie uploaded a response to her skit in which he claimed she repeatedly publicly “alluded” to him owing her money since their breakup.

Additionally, the BB21 winner denied believing he’s God and insisted he has tried to help her after they parted ways. Michie then ended his clip by pointing out her age and telling her to “let me go and live my life.”

Allen reacted to his response in another TikTok video

A few days after Michie posted his clip, Allen fought against his claims with another TikTok video. She said she’s speaking up for herself after fearing him because his response caused her to receive hate and death threats.

Allen claimed Michie “twisted” her original video to respond with allegations that “slandered” her character and “rewrote the narrative.” The BB21 runner-up continued, noting the “projection” in his response bothered her.

She also said that he made it a point to bring up her age, something BB viewers harshly constantly reminded Allen about and accused her of “mocking his religion,” which she vehemently denied.

Additionally, she revealed the two briefly reunited last fall, after breaking up in June 2020. While Allen didn’t explain why it didn’t work out, she said he no longer “had access to her peace.” 

She says she’s ‘afraid’ of his retaliation because he has photos and videos of her

The Wyoming native continued, admitting it “scared” her to post her response because Michie has “threatened” to use sensitive media, including photos and videos, some of which she claims he took without her knowledge, against her.

She also accused him of hacking into her phone and stealing “personal information.” Allen continued, revealing she had a difficult time to “heal” from him as she dealt with “guilt” from defending him, as many fans didn’t like Michie from his behavior on the show.

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Even though the BB21 runner-up admitted she previously lost herself while dating him, she stated she’s back to her old self and will respond if she feels attacked by him.

Allen closed her video by claiming her ex repeatedly contacted her friends, attempted to hack into her social media accounts, and messaged her from fake profiles, asking him to “quit it.” Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7 Central on CBS.