‘Big Brother’: Holly Allen ‘Living on Couches’ While Ex Jackson Michie Parties With Friends

Big Brother 21 winner Jackson Michie and runner-up Holly Allen turned their showmance into a real-life romance. However, the couple broke up almost a year after they began dating. In an interview with Alyssa Amoroso, the wine safari guide opened up about her recent breakup and her current living situation.

Jackson Michie, Host Julie Chen Moonves, Holly Allen and Nicole Anthony on 'Big Brother 21' at the season finale
Jackson Michie, Host Julie Chen Moonves, Holly Allen and Nicole Anthony on ‘Big Brother 21’ at the season finale | Monty Brinton

Holly Allen says the breakup seemingly happened ‘in the blink of an eye’

After six months of living together, 25-year-old Jackson Michie and 32-year-old Holly Allen decided to call it quits. In their initial announcement, the two were vague about why they split, and the wine safari guide didn’t go into depth in her interview with BB21 co-star, Nicole Anthony.

However, she opened up to The Publyssity Podcast’s Alyssa Amoroso about her public breakup. The sommelier noted she wanted to privately split so they would have more time “to focus and figure it out” themselves, but Michie was “adamant” about announcing it immediately.

While she felt like she owed her supporters the truth, she “wasn’t comfortable” with publicizing their breakup so soon, making the situation “hard and overwhelming.”

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The 32-year-old called their split “incredibly devastating” because she seemingly lost her best friend and the guy she saw herself marrying, newly rescued dog Sahara, and apartment “in the blink of an eye.”

Additionally, she’s “at-risk” for the coronavirus (COVID-19) due to her asthma and has to search for another place to live in the middle of a pandemic. 

Holly Allen CouchSurfing while Jackson Michie parties

Even though the sommelier still loves her ex and “wants the best for him,” she admitted she’s “hurt by a lot of things.” However, she refuses to speak ill of him publicly, no matter how “therapeutic” it might be for her.

The 32-year-old also stated she had taken a social media break due to the “thirst traps” her ex posts. Additionally, she noted her followers continually send her pictures of what he’s doing, which hurts her feelings.

Michie has also been hanging out with Big Brother 20 star Brett Robinson ever since he and Allen parted, and his co-star Jack Matthews recently joined them.

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According to the wine safari guide, the guys have other females over the house, which makes things awkward for her, so she hasn’t come home to retrieve her items or all her furniture.

Therefore, the BB21 runner-up has been living on her friends’ couches with her dog. Since the breakup, Allen has stayed with three different friends. Additionally, the sommelier noted she has to stay home while he parties because of her at-risk status, and it’s difficult for her to remain distracted continually.

However, former houseguests from various seasons have reached out to her, which helps.

Why Holly Allen and Jackson Michie broke up

Although the 32-year-old initially noted there “wasn’t really a reason” why the couple split at the time, she realized they “were attached at the hip” from the second they stopped filming.

Immediately following the finale, the two partied in Las Vegas with a few other houseguests before buying a place together. Additionally, they were having a difficult time “transitioning back into the real world” and went through a “dark” phase, mainly due to the hate they received after the show for Michie’s offensive comments.

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I’d much rather keep certain life updates to myself, but I understand that I put my personal life in the spotlight because I chose to play a game last summer that just so happened to be on television. Full transparency – the publicity has been weird to navigate. But so many of you have been immensely wonderful and supportive and I appreciate you more than I think I can ever express. So for that, I feel like I owe you this. It’s not easy, so please bear with me. Here goes! A year ago I started a wild new adventure. Today, I start another adventure. Growth is sometimes hard, but necessary. Growth sometimes happens alone. And that’s what I’ll be doing. Yes, I’ve had the opportunity to meet a person to conquer life with for a while. Yes, I had an amazing partner in that game I played. I will always love love him a lottle. And I wouldn’t change any of the experiences for the world. But some things are not meant to go beyond that. Sometimes priorities don’t line up. And that’s ok. This past year has been the hardest to date and has taught me about sense of self, security in who I am, and what I want for my future. I know that I’m proud of myself, my accomplishments, and my roots. I know the spirit and the inspiration that I look for in people I surround myself with. I know what I deserve. And I’m excited for this new chapter and where it will lead me. Right now, I’m hurting. But hey, pain is only temporary. Thank you all for going through the ups and downs with me! And please. I know we’ve been forced to go through this publicly, but we are human. We hurt and we bleed. Please try to spare the criticism. And don’t worry, I’ll always be Sahara’s mom. Nobody can take that away from me. Day 75 forever, Jackson. Now buckle up, future. I’m comin’ for ya!

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Therefore, they locked themselves in and stopped seeing their friends. Allen also said age difference and life experience led to the split because he, at 25-years-old, has different priorities, future goals, and an outlook on life than her at 32.