‘Big Brother’: How Dr. Will Kirby Started a Popular Strategy of the Game

Fans have noticed how differently old and new school Big Brother play in this new all-star season. That’s because new school was able to learn a few strategies from past seasons and found how to play “safe.”

One of those players who created the roadmap is Dr. Will Kirby. He started a popular strategy of the game and explained his thought process after winning Big Brother 2.

Dr. Will Kirby won ‘Big Brother 2’

Dr. Will was a dermatologist from Miami, Florida. He competed on Big Brother 2, which was the first season houseguests could win Head of Household.

He was nominated four times but still managed to win the votes being 6-1. After his win, he talked about his strategy with Entertainment Weekly.

“The strategy was two parts. One was to purposefully lose every competition so I would be considered very weak. If someone’s weak, they’re not a threat, why vote them off?” he explained.

“The other part was to be hated by everyone,” he continued. “It won’t help you at the beginning, but later in the show, anyone who’s very strong will want to take you to the end with them because they can beat you in the finals. What happened was, the people who were genuinely evil and not just pretending like I was showed up at the end.”

Dr. Will returned for Big Brother 7 and placed fourth. He has since returned multiple times to host the jury roundtable. The dermatologist has returned for Big Brother 22 to be the neighbor.

We still see his influence in the game not just through appearances. Houseguests are still using one of his strategies and Dr. Will explained why he came up with it.

He threw competitions to avoid being a target

Will Kirby and Janelle Pierzina pose at "Big Brother 7: All-Stars"
Will Kirby and Janelle Pierzina pose at “Big Brother 7: All-Stars” | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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It’s not that surprising now to see people throwing competitions. They would usually say they don’t “need” to win because of their alliances. But Dr. Will says he’s the one who started it.

“I created the strategic concept of ‘throwing competitions,'” he told Sarah Scoop. “I’m highly, highly confident that I could have won many (albeit, not all) of the competitions I was eligible for but it would have made me a bigger target and resulted in an earlier elimination in the game.”

He continued, “Take a moment and think back to the players that the fans called a ‘comp beast’ or the ‘Veto King’. Did any of those people go on to win Big Brother? That’s rhetorical – we know the answer, they didn’t.”

The winner claimed he realized on the first day that if he never had to nominate people, then they were more likely to trust he wouldn’t evict them. Many people have followed the same strategy after him. It might not lead to interesting TV, but people have made it farther that way.