‘Big Brother’: How Houseguests Knowing About the Triple Eviction Could Change the Game

This season of Big Brother will have the first ever triple eviction. There are some houseguests prepared for it so how will this change the game? We figured there are a ways this could play out.

Some ‘Big Brother 22’ houseguests know about the triple eviction

Houseguests will experience a triple eviction for the first time on the main show on Oct. 1. It will be a two-hour event and how it will happen wasn’t explained.

Fans did hope the triple eviction will come as a surprise. That way they will have to scramble to decide what to do and we might get an unexpected eviction.

However, it looks like some houseguests know about it. “Dani [Briones] did say she feels like she is at the bottom of the barrel of the house,” David Alexander told Tyler Crispen on the live feeds on Sept. 29. “She’s f*cking lying. I don’t know, man, we’ll just see. I just want something to happen. Three going this week sounds good #BB22,” Tyler replied.

People weren’t happy about this. Big Brother 8 winner, Dick Donato saw Big Brother Daily’s tweet about this exchange and tweeted, “WHY DOES PRODUCTION TELL THEM WHAT IS COMING UP? WHY WOULD THEY TELL THEM ABOUT THE TRIPLE????”

This is disappointing to many. But it does lead to the question of how this could change how the night will play out.

They could decide to go for bigger targets

Cody Calafiore on 'Big Brother'
Cody Calafiore on ‘Big Brother’ | Lisette M. Azar/CBS via Getty Images

The opportunity for three people to leave at once could mean minimizing backlash of sending out your big targets. The Committee has been the main alliance dominating the game so far.

But now it’s getting close to the part of the game where they’ll have to turn on each other. Some of the houseguests might move up their plans.

Cody Calafiore is the Head of Household this week and has talked about considering putting Christmas Abbott as a replacement nominee. That’s because he personally doesn’t have much of a relationship with her.

Multiple houseguests like Tyler and Enzo Palumbo have also been toying with the idea of evicting Dani because they don’t trust her. It’s possible one of them could be out the door if the houseguests come together instead of taking out the more isolated players.

They could decide to take out all the outsiders at once


‘Big Brother’ Alums Aren’t Happy the Houseguests Were Warned About the Triple Eviction

David and Kevin Campbell are once again on the block. That’s because they’re the only houseguests that aren’t working with the main alliance.

There is a very good chance one of them will be the first person evicted and the next one will follow if they don’t win HOH. That’s because the houseguests have been very scared to rock the boat with their alliance.

This can be a good thing given it’ll speed the game up to where people will have to make riskier moves. The third eviction would be more of a toss up, but the bottom of the alliance is more likely to get the boot.

Fans will have to wait and so how the whole game actually plays out on Thursday night. The twist will shake up the game one way or another.