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Former houseguests returned for another shot at the Big Brother prize. But only one person went home with $500,000. Nicole Franzel revealed how much she was paid for the all-stars season, and her paycheck is impressive.

Nicole Franzel placed third on ‘Big Brother 22’

Nicole Franzel of the CBS series Big Brother
Nicole Franzel of the CBS series Big Brother | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images)

Franzel worked closely with Cody Calafiore for most of the season. That wasn’t surprising, given they both were on Big Brother 16. They also had a bigger alliance, and the final three only included members from it. Enzo Palumbo was that third person.

Calafiore won the last Head of Household (HOH) competition, which meant he had to choose who will sit next to him in the finale. He picked Palumbo instead of Franzel. She unsurprisingly was very upset about this and showed it when she joined the jury. Calafiore won the game and didn’t receive a single vote against him.

Franzel later revealed how she felt about being betrayed by Calafiore on her podcast, Coco Caliente. “I always knew I’d vote for him, but I just I was so hurt,” she said. “I was so hurt because I could of gotten rid of him when I won HOH and the veto. And looking back I would have.”

The stars were paid more than a regular cast to return. Franzel did reveal to her fans how much she was paid for being on the show for the third time.

How much was Nicole Franzel paid for the all-stars season?

The Big Brother 18 winner hoped to take the $500,000 cash prize for being the winner once again. She didn’t achieve that, but she did reveal she took home an impressive paycheck.

Franzel was answering true or false fan questions on her Instagram Story, according to Screen Rant. One fan asked, ”You got money on Bb22 as much as if you were a runner-up on any other bb seasons.” The reality star answered, “True!”

That means Franzel earned $50,000 plus whatever cash prizes she earned through competitions on the season. 

What was Nicole Franzel’s job before ‘Big Brother’?


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Franzel now focuses on her podcast and being a social media influencer. But she previously worked as an ER nurse. 

The winner revealed what she did with her prize money from Big Brother 18. “I bought my first house! It’s a perfect starter home for me and located in the small Midwestern town where I grew up!” she said according to E! News. She revealed that she planned to buy a farmhouse. Franzel is now married to Victor Arroyo, and they’re expecting their first child.