‘Big Brother’: Ian Terry Says Memphis Garrett’s Comments About Him ‘Definitely Stung’

During Big Brother 22, Memphis Garrett seemingly mocked Ian Terry’s self-soothing technique of rocking. While Memphis claimed he “meant no harm” with his comments, Ian admitted watching clips of the incident “definitely stung.”

Television personality and winner of Big Brother 14 Ian Terry attends the Big Brother wrap party
Television personality and winner of ‘Big Brother 14’ Ian Terry attends the ‘Big Brother’ wrap party | Tibrina Hobson

Memphis Garrett seemingly mocked Ian Terry

In the first couple weeks of Big Brother 22, season 14 champ Ian Terry opened up to Nicole Anthony, Janelle Pierzina, and Kaysar Ridha about realizing he had autism.

He referred to the BB house as “autistic hell” and explained that rocking back and forth soothes him. Although the three were supportive and committed to making Ian’s experience more tolerable, they were eliminated back-to-back shortly following the conversation.

During Week 5, Dani Briones, Nicole Franzel, and Christmas Abbott hung out in the Key Room and began discussing how Ian’s self-soothing technique of rocking made them uncomfortable. Dani noted the constant movement “stresses” her out, and Nicole F. agreed.

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Shortly later, Memphis Garrett walked into the room and added to the conversation. The BB10 runner-up described Ian as the “redrum” of the house, referencing the horror film, The Shining.

Memphis also claimed that he thought he would have nightmares of the season 14 winner standing over him and rocking as he slept. The ladies laughed at Memphis’ comments, namely Ian’s close ally and friend outside of the house, Nicole F.

Fans were outraged and reached out to Nicole F.’s Instagram and podcast sponsors, requesting them to cut ties with the BB18 winner. Several, including Olay Skin, obliged.

Memphis said he ‘didn’t mean any harm’ by poking fun of Ian

Several weeks later, Memphis was evicted from the BB house and spoke about the comments he made about Ian in an ET Canada interview. The Committee founder claimed Ian played an “amazing game” but believes he “caught on” to the former winner’s strategy.

Memphis described Ian’s personality at the beginning of the game as “nervous” and “timid” but noted the BB14 champ seemingly transformed into a new person after a couple of weeks.

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The restaurateur noticed Ian began presenting himself with more confidence and communicating differently. Therefore, he claims he was only “giving it light” when he poked fun at Ian.

The BB10 runner-up closed by pointing out that he and Ian “have a great relationship” and insisting that he never meant any “harm” with his remarks.

Ian says Memphis’ comments about him ‘definitely stung’

Although producers told Ian about the situation, he had no idea how big of a splash it made outside the house. In a Nov. 6 interview with Nicole A., the BB14 champ noted that Dani apologized to him for claiming he used his autism as a “strategy” a couple of days after she entered the jury house, which he genuinely “appreciated.”

Ian also said he had watched the footage of Memphis making fun of him and admitted it “definitely stung.” While he realized Memphis made the “worse” comments, he also acknowledged he knew they were not friends.

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When asked if the BB10 runner-up had apologized, Ian answered the situation got “brought up at the jury house,” and they had conversations about it.

According to the BB14 champ, Nicole F. has apologized, and he did accept it, but they haven’t fully repaired their friendship yet. Big Brother 23 returns in the summer of 2021.

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