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Big Brother 21 showmance Jackson Michie and Holly Allen have spent nearly every day together since leaving the BB house. After his win, they moved into a Los Angeles apartment and adopted a dog. However, the two decided to visit their parents separately, leading many fans to believe the couple have called it quits.

Jackson Michie Holly Allen
Holly Allen and Jackson Michie | Monty Brinton

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen met on ‘Big Brother 21’

24-year-old LA-based server Jackson Michie and Holly Allen, a 32-year-old wine safari guide from LA, met in the BB21 house. They eventually developed romantic feelings toward each other, causing Jackson to end his short-lived fling with Kathryn Dunn.

Although the two were in a good position in the majority alliance, it crumbled in Week 5 when Michie spilled the beans about Kat and Holly’s pre-existing relationship to closest ally, Jack Matthews.

However, he exposed the ladies, resulting in a massive blow up that placed Holly and Jackson against everyone. The two ended up making it to the end, the only showmance to do so, due to Jackson’s record-breaking competition wins and their final four deal with Cliff Hogg and Nicole Anthony.

Despite the way some female houseguests felt Jackson treated them, they thought he played the best game and awarded him the win in a 6-3 vote.

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen quarantined together

After the season ended, the couple continued hanging out with each other daily. They visited Jackson’s family in Nashville, Tennessee, and hung out with several former houseguests in Las Vegas.

Only a few months later, the two moved into an apartment in the Playa Vista neighborhood of LA. Additionally, the couple spent Thanksgiving with his family and Christmas with hers in Wyoming.

In March 2020, all non-essential businesses were closed, and those with compromised immune systems and other susceptibilities were advised to quarantine themselves due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Holly’s asthma made her “at risk,” so she and Jackson rarely left the house. At the end of April, the couple, who are already parents to one rescue dog, decided to adopt another, a malinois husky mix they named Sahara.

After a couple of weeks, she got used to her new surroundings, and the couples successfully potty trained her and taught her how to sit. Additionally, Sahara seemingly got along well with their other dog Jackson, who Holly adopted before she went on Big Brother and named after a Wyoming ski resort.

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen spark breakup rumors

At the beginning of June, Jackson shared an Instagram story of himself with his mother in Nashville. He showed off all the goodies in their refrigerators, including several watermelons, while explaining, “this is why I love coming home.”

On the other hand, Holly posted multiple clips of her drive to Wyoming with her dog, Jackson. She later showed herself walking around the farm with her mother as well as having a “six-foot party” with her family.


‘Big Brother’ Stars Jackson Michie and Holly Allen Adopt a Dog Amidst Coronavirus Panademic

Because the two are visiting their families separately, some believe the couple are taking a break, if not broken up completely. Fans also noticed the absence of Sahara as she doesn’t seem to be with either of them, but they have ignored answering the question while responding to nearly every other.

However, the two are still following each other on Instagram. Additionally, Jackson’s 25th birthday is next week, so some believe the two are only taking a break to visit family as they’ve spent the past couple of months quarantined in the apartment together.