‘Big Brother’ Champ Jackson Michie Says He Went Through Drug Withdrawal in the House

Big Brother 21 winner Jackson Michie played a great game and proved himself one of the best physical competitors by breaking the record for most competitions won in a season. However, his controversial behavior overshadowed his win. Almost two years after his victory, Michie revealed he previously struggled with drug addiction and went through withdrawal while in the house.

Winner, Jackson Michie on BIG BROTHER on the season finale
Winner, Jackson Michie on BIG BROTHER on the season finale | Monty Brinton

Jackson Michie won ‘Big Brother 21’

In 2019, then 24-year-old Los Angeles based server Jackson Michie went to an open casting call for Big Brother 21 and eventually made it into the house.

The other houseguests immediately voted him as Camp Director, giving him the power to banish four people. He controversially selected the oldest castmate and three minorities.

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The LA native skated through the first part of the competition as he was a part of dominating alliances Gr8ful and Six Shooters and had a showmance with Holly Allen. However, news of her pre-existing relationship split the alliances and put a target on their back.

Michie kept himself and Allen safe by aligning with outsiders Cliff Hogg III and Nicole Anthony and winning several of the last competitions. The showmance sat next to each other in the final two seats, where he won in a 6-3 vote.

Michie’s win embroiled in controversy 

During his time on the show, Michie became a controversial character for how he seemingly talked down to the other girls, and many fans accused him of cheating on slop by sneaking food into the shower.

Additionally, Live Feed viewers heard him speak about his use of Xanax and steroids and called him a racist for banishing the minority houseguests.

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After filming wrapped, Michie did several interviews and claimed his decision was not racially motivated.

However, he didn’t speak much about the cheating on slop accusations or his comments about Xanax until nearly two years later. 

Michie admits he struggled with drug addiction

After he and Allen split ways a year after the show, Michie began posting videos on TikTok, attempting to change the narrative about himself.

In a Jan. 2021 video, the former champ revealed he had a stress-induced blood clot near his heart surgically removed only a month before moving into the Big Brother house.

Michie explained he was addicted to prescription pills Xanax and Adderall, as well as cocaine prior to the show, and took his last Xanax only two days before he became a houseguest. The former champ finished his video by noting he went through rehab and recovery during the show and still won.

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Many fans didn’t understand how he could get through casting with his addiction problems. Additionally, they called his video a “humblebrag” and thought he used his previous struggles to defend his controversial behavior.

BB21 co-star Jessica Milagros explained she had prescribed Xanax, whereas Michie admitted his were not, and claimed she had to give proof from her doctor that she didn’t need the pills to “move forward.”

She also noted she had to take a urine test and have blood work to get into the house. Therefore, some fans thought producers gave Michie “special treatment” or secretly helped him through his withdrawals.