‘Big Brother’: Jackson Michie Claims Casting Director Robyn Kass Didn’t Know About His Drug Addictions

Big Brother 21 winner Jackson Michie admitted he struggled with drug addictions shortly before moving into the house in a Jan. 2021 TikTok video. Around the same time, longtime casting director Robyn Kass announced her break from the franchise. Many fans began believing his reveal had something to do with her announcement, but Michie claimed she never knew about anything. He also denied cheating on slop as a Have-Not.

Jackson Michie on Big Brother 21
Jackson Michie on Big Brother 21 | Sonja Flemming

Jackson Michie said he had a drug addiction before ‘Big Brother’

During Big Brother 21, Jackson Michie controversially chose the oldest houseguest and three minorities to banish on the first day. Live Feed viewers also claim they caught the reality star saying rude things about other minority houseguests, which they perceived as microaggressions, and speaking candidly about previous Xanax and steroid use.

Additionally, many fans believe they watched him cheat on slop as a Have-Not by eating regular food.

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During the finale, Michie memorably found out the public perceived his move to nominate the minorities as racially motivated. Since leaving the show, he has attempted to change the narrative by posting motivational TikTok videos.

In a Jan. 2021 clip, the winner revealed his previous addiction to prescription pills Xanax and Adderall, as well as cocaine. He also admitted he developed a stress-induced blood clot he had surgically removed only a month before entering the house.

Fans thought producers secretly helped Michie

Following his video, BB21 co-star Jessica Milagros seemingly acknowledged his confession by explaining a doctor prescribed her Xanax two years prior. Still, the model said she needed proof that she didn’t need the prescription to “move forward.”

The Big Brother star also claimed she had to take a urine test and have blood drawn to get into the house. Therefore, many fans didn’t understand how Michie got into the house and thought he received “special treatment,” especially as he admitted to illegally obtaining his prescription and taking his last Xanax only two days before entering the house.

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One follower responded to her tweet, wondering if the producers helped him detox, and several others thought he used his withdrawal as an excuse for his controversial behavior.

Additionally, some fans found the timing of Michie’s news odd as it came around the time casting director Robyn Kass announced her break from the series.

Michie claims Robyn Kass didn’t know about drug addiction and denies cheating on slop

The day after he revealed his past, Michie took to Snapchat to debunk rumors of the casting director knowing about his previous addictions. The winner simply claimed she “didn’t know a thing” and then addressed the cheating on slop accusations.

He denied eating anything else and said he got sick from the slop and attempted to hide it in the shower. Michie also claimed he was “spiraling” at the time.

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Additionally, the BB21 champ acknowledged fans who called his original video a “humblebrag” and claimed he would’ve released it earlier to defend himself when people were speaking negatively about him following the season if that were the case.

Big Brother 23 returns in 2021.