‘Big Brother’: Janelle Pierzina Accuses Nicole Franzel of Inflating Her Followers Count on Social Media

The feud between Janelle Pierzina and Nicole Franzel may be the most entertaining aspect of Big Brother 22. It started off-screen and migrated its way onto our television screens this summer. Franzel, who won Big Brother 18, came in second place on Big Brother 22. She is one of the many polarizing figures of the season.

(L-R) Janelle Pierzina, Nicole Franzel | CBS via Getty Images

Now that the season is over, she continues to make a lot of headlines for her press interviews, as well as her actions on social media, which includes unfollowing many of her fellow former Big Brother houseguests from season 22 and before. Responding to a tweet from a fan, Pierzina alleges that Franzel’s social media presence isn’t all that it appears to be.

Janelle Pierzina’s side of the feud

Though it was a headline that dominated the season, not many people knew a lot of details about Franzel and Pierzina’s feud because a lot of it was not shown on the episodes that air on CBS. To get a good idea of it, fans would have had to have turned into the live feeds on CBS All Access. The biggest part of the feud that was shown on television was when in Pierzina’s goodbye message, Franzel disinvited her from her wedding, which Pierzina states she didn’t plan on intending anyway.

Pierzina broke down the issues between her and Franzel in a post-eviction interview with Entertainment Tonight. “We played the Amazing Race together and there are situations and scenarios and gameplay that she did where I saw something in her,” she said. “I did not trust her because she backstabbed someone. So when I saw her in the house, cool, we had this little past friendship, but it is hard for me. I never trusted her.”

The four-time Big Brother alumna also pointed out specific issues about Franzel that aggravated her. Pierzina explained, “She is very insecure and I knew that going in, and I have to constantly tell her she is good. I just could not keep up with it, honestly, in the house, and obviously she had such an alliance to me at this point. She knows I don’t like her.” She also said that Franzel whines a lot, adding, “her voice is insufferable to me. I absolutely hate hearing her voice.”

Nicole Franzel’s side of the feud

In one of her first interviews after she was evicted, Franzel gave her side of the story in an interview with Us Weekly. She claims that she got along with Pierzina before the show, but right before it was time for the season to start, she alleges she learned through other people that Pierzina was talking about her and the wedding. Franzel thinks these issues followed them in the house.

She said, “[T]hen, next thing you know, Nicole A. came to me and said, ‘Janelle called you a B-*-T-C-H.” And I was just like, ‘Oh, I’m so sick of this. I had enough. I’m sick of shutting my mouth. All I do is shut my mouth and sit there and take all this frickin’ hate all the time. So I’m going to stick up for myself.”

Frazel seems to suggest she won’t address their feud anymore, adding, “I’m sure she’ll continue to say stuff and I’m not getting into Twitter fights. I’ve never gotten in a Twitter fight and I’m not going to start now.”

Janelle Pierzina claims that Nicole Franzel bought followers

On Big Brother 22, Franzel’s occupation on the show is listed as social media influencer, claiming to be the only Big Brother alum to primarily earn a living via social media. She was a nursing graduate in Big Brother 16 and an emergency room nurse in Big Brother 18.

In a recent tweet, Pierzina claims that Franzel’s Instagram following, which is over 665,000 at the time of publishing, is full of fake followers. A fan criticized Pierzina, saying that she wants what Franzel has on social media.


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Pierzina responded by saying, “I want what Nicole has with Social Media?!! That’s hilarous [sic]! Are you talking about her fake followers she bought or the ones that followed her from Frankie five years ago that no longer even engage with her posts?”

Franzel has yet to respond to Pierzina’s claim, but if her previous statements are anything to go by, she likely will not address it.