‘Big Brother’: Janelle Pierzina Knew Who Was Cast Before the Season, Wanted to Target 2 Houseguests

The Big Brother 22 cast was kept secret for multiple reasons. But there are theories that some houseguests knew who was cast before the season started. Janelle Pierzina revealed she found out who was cast and revealed who she wanted to target.

There were rumors alliances were made before ‘Big Brother 22’ started

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Fans were very suspicious of the Big Brother 22 cast. That’s because a lot of alums know each other and probably talked before the season started. There were rumors some alliances were made before the season.

The most popular rumor is Nicole Franzel wasn’t asked to join the cast, but found out about the season. Then she had someone pretend she was invited so she can join a group chat with other previous winners. Nicole F. was accused of telling producers about this chat and Dan Gheesling and Derrick Levasseur were removed from the cast for participating in it. She then was invited for the season.

Levasseur has later joked about this rumor. Dani Briones was seen talking about Cody Calafiore and him on the live feeds.

“I’m worried about Cody too because he’s told me so many times now Derrick coached him before he came in here, & they were on the phone all the time. So you know he’s trying to play a Derrick-like game. Nicole- He’s not playing a Derrick game. Dani- Not well #BB22,” Dani told Nicole F. “Dani and Nicole! What about our ‘zOoM pReGaMe AlLiAnCE’?! #BB22,” the Big Brother 16 winner tweeted.

Janelle Pierzina wanted to target Enzo Palumbo and Cody Calafiore

Janelle Pierzina poses at "Big Brother 7: All-Stars"
Janelle Pierzina poses at “Big Brother 7: All-Stars” Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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Janelle revealed on Oct. 19 that some of the remaining houseguests would have been on the block if she won Head of Household. She tweeted she knew some of the people who were cast before the premiere.

“It’s interesting that before I went into the house I stole my handlers [sic] remote and peeked at who was going into the house. Slick I know! I wrote down two names of people that I would put on the block week 1 if I won 1st HoH and gave it to my handler. Guess who I wrote down? #bb22,” she tweeted.

A fan guessed Kevin Campbell and Nicole F. “I was ok with Nicole pre-show. She did some sketchy sh*t on [The Amazing Race] but I would not have nominated her, I would have went after dudes always,” the evicted houseguest tweeted.

“I wrote down CODY & ENZO and gave it to my handler,” the real estate agent later revealed. Another fan asked her how much she told her handler. “I told my handler everything. We were in quarantine for 14 days together,” she explained.

Cody and Enzo are still going strong in the show by making it to final four. It’s a good thing for them that their alliance decided to target Janelle and Kaysar Ridha so early in the game since she wanted to evict them.