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Janelle Pierzina and Nicole Franzel were open about not getting along. Other cast members of the Big Brother 22 cast were caught in the middle of that. Da’Vonne Rogers admitted Janelle was right about Nicole and she had a response for that.

Janelle Pierzina was working against Nicole Franzel

Janelle Pierzina poses  at "Big Brother 7: All-Stars"
Janelle Pierzina poses at “Big Brother 7: All-Stars” | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Janelle tried hard to build up an alliance to go against houseguests like Nicole. She tried to get Da’Vonne on her team, but that didn’t go as planned.

That’s because Nicole made up with Da’Vonne after backstabbing her in Big Brother 18. Da’Vonne was playing hoping Nicole wouldn’t do it again.

Janelle was eventually put on the block with Kaysar Ridha in week 3 and was evicted. The other people who were working with her were eventually evicted too including Da’Vonne.

Nicole tricked Da’Vonne Rogers

Sadly, Nicole did end up tricking Da’Vonne. Ian Terry was on the block and there was a plan to flip the vote to keep him. Nicole, Da’Vonne, Kevin Campbell, and David Alexander planned to vote to keep him and evict Tyler Crispen.

However, Nicole told Dani Briones about the plan and they decided Nicole should vote to evict Ian. This way, Dani won’t be forced to evict someone with a tied vote. They could also blame the flip on David to make the other houseguests not trust him.

It worked with Da’Vonne blaming David for the flipped vote. A wall yeller revealed it was Nicole who voted to evict Ian and Da’Vonne later apologized to him.

Da’Vonne was then evicted from the game. She told Julie Chen Moonves that she felt this move was personal.

“I told her,” she explained. “I said ‘Nicole, I’m a Black woman in this game. David is a Black man in this game. I do not want to be on television bashing him and calling him a liar if he did nothin’ wrong. So if you did that and you voted Ian out, just tell me. I won’t hold it against you.'” Nicole still lied and Da’Vonne is now talking about that in the jury house.

Janelle responded to the jury segment on ‘Big Brother’


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The Oct. 8 episode showed the jury house for the first time this season. Da’Vonne talked about Nicole’s betrayal with the other jury members.

Ian asked Da’Vonne if she could blame Nicole for lying. “I can on my end,” she answered. “I’m really struggling with the fact that Nicole didn’t tell me the truth about the vote. Not for game purposes but on a personal level,” she said.

“Once again I trusted her and once again she snaked me. Janelle, you were right,” she said. Janelle responded to this on Twitter.

“Getting a shout out from Da’Vonne that I was right and that Nicole is a snake. No way she votes for Nicole to win again. lol no frickin way. #BB22 #BBAllStars,” she tweeted.

“Nicole is not going to be final two , there’s no way,” Bayleigh Dayton tweeted in response. A fan tweeted if Nicole makes it to the final two Da’Vonne will vote for her. “No she won’t,” Janelle tweeted.

This might be a sign that Nicole lost a vote for good. But there is still some game left to be played to see who will make it to the end.