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Janelle Pierzina knows a lot about Big Brother from playing it multiple times. So she didn’t wait to tell fans she knew Derek Xiao’s game would go downhill after his big move. This is also her prediction for this season’s winner.

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers for the Big Brother 23 live feeds on Aug. 26!]

Derek Xiao game took a turn on ‘Big Brother 23’

Janelle Pierzina poses for 'Big Brother 14' cast photo
‘Big Brother’ star, Janelle Pierzina | Sonja Flemming/CBS/Getty Images

Derek X made enemies in the first week but managed to save his game by winning veto competitions. His social game also improved, and he made it into an alliance. However, he turned on that alliance when he backdoored Christian Birkenberger. He was determined to get another competition beast out of the house even though Christian argued he needed him as a shield.

Week 7 Sarah Beth Steagall became Head of Household (HOH), and her target was Derek X. But he didn’t realize this until it was too late, and he couldn’t play in the veto. He was evicted with a vote of 5-2.

Janelle says she “called” Derek X going home after this 1 move

Fans are now reacting to Derek X going to jury. Janelle tweeted on Aug. 8, “Why is Derek X targeting Christian? If he takes him out he’s gone in a week or two. #BB23,”  She quote tweeted that tweet at the end of the episode and wrote, “Wow two weeks later. Called it. When you know this game YOU KNOW THIS GAME. When you are a comp beast you never take out a shield. Christian should of stayed!”

There are some fans who disagree. “Christian wanted him out when u gonna admit u hate the cookout babe,” one fan replied. “???? Why are you so delusional? Get the hell out of here” Janelle wrote back.

“I can see what you mean queen but I don’t think it’s smart to keep a showmance in there,” another fan tweeted. “Who cares? If you are a target you keep other targets on [sic] the game,” she replied.

One fan asked for her prediction on who will win the game. “Hannah,” she answered.

Christian reacts to Derek X’s eviction


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How does Christian feel about Derek X’s eviction? It looks like he was rooting for him to stay!

“Sitting on the block live eviction night is never a comforting feeling. However, when @derekxbb23 was in my position as HOH he success [sic] made a move I wasn’t unable to. In my shoes again I know that he of all people will be able to accomplish what I couldn’t for a second time,” he tweeted on Aug. 26. 

He later shared Janelle’s tweet with a shield emoji. So it looks like Christian was rooting for Derek X to stay, but he also thinks they would have made it further in the game together.