‘Big Brother’: Julie Chen Moonves Thinks Azah Awasum Can Win if Her Faith in God Is ‘Strong’

Many fans believe Azah Awasam ruined her chance to win by using her Head of Household win during the second Double Eviction of Big Brother 23 to target Hannah Chaddha. However, host Julie Chen Moonves believes she can hold the title if her faith in God is “strong.”

Julie Chen Moonves and Azah Awasum pose for 'Big Brother' headshots
‘Big Brother’ host Julie Chen Moonves and season 23 houseguest, Azah Awasum | Cliff Lipson/Getty Images

Fans think Azah Awasum ruined her chance to win by targeting Hannah Chaddha

The second Double Eviction kicked off with the houseguests unanimously sending Tiffany Mitchell to the jury, even though Azah Awasum considered keeping her, deeming Hannah Chaddha the bigger threat.

However, she sided with the other guys, Xavier Prather and Derek “Big D” Frazier, who couldn’t wait to take the shot. Azah then won the Head of Household competition during the DE and took the opportunity to target the only other female left, Hannah, again siding with the guys.

But, they blindsided her as Kyland Young saved Xavier with the Power of Veto, forcing her to nominate the lone eligible houseguest, her best friend, Big D. The guys stuck together and sent Hannah out of the house next.

Many viewers disagreed with Azah’s game move and thought her best chance to win moving forward didn’t involve keeping all three guys who are working together. However, Azah doesn’t believe they have final two deals with each other.

Julie Chen Moonves thinks Azah can win ‘if she has a personal relationship with the Lord’

Following the episode, host Julie Chen Moonves spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the Double Eviction and where the houseguests stood moving forward.

When asked if Azah, who has been open about her belief in God, stood a chance to win the game after targeting Hannah, she answered, “I believe all things are possible with the strength of Christ,” especially if Azah had “strong” faith and a “personal relationship with the Lord.”

She also pointed out Big D’s lack of success in competitions, calling it “sad.” However, the host noted she didn’t think he needed wins as his social game has seemingly protected him so far.

Regardless, she believes he can go “all the way” because he’s mentioned his love for God and his mom.

Derek “Big D” Frazier and Azah will likely advance to the final three

The remaining four battled for their spot in the final three in another Head of Household competition following the Double Eviction. Xavier came out on top, securing his second HOH title and position moving forward.

Having a final two with Kyland and Big D and an unspoken pact with Azah, he felt most loyal to his deal with Big D. Therefore, he kept him safe, nominated Kyland and Azah, who had yet to see the block, deeming the Power of Veto the only thing that mattered that week.


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Additionally, as HOH, he cannot vote, placing the decision solely on the Veto winner or Big D. Likely wanting Kyland out of the game, as he’s the biggest competition threat remaining, Xavier wants Big D to choose so he can retain Kyland’s vote to win.

Therefore, Azah and Big D will likely join Xavier in the final three. The Power of Veto competition airs Wednesday, Sept. 22 at 10/9 Central on CBS.