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Former news anchor Julie Chen Moonves has hosted CBS reality competition series Big Brother since its inception in 2000, as well as the celebrity spinoff and online exclusive, Over the Top. In December 2020, the longstanding host appeared on BB21 fan-favorite Nicole Anthony’s podcast and revealed how long she sees herself hosting the series.

Julie Chen Moonves at the Big Brother Live Eviction show #12
Julie Chen Moonves at the Big Brother Live Eviction show #12 | Monty Brinton

Julie Chen Moonves has hosted ‘Big Brother’ since 2000

Originally from Queens, New York City, 50-year-old Julie Chen started her career as an intern at CBS Morning News alongside Bravo executive producer Andy Cohen.

She eventually became the show’s anchor in 1999 and began hosting Big Brother when the competition series premiered the following year. Many fans criticized her hosting performance for her scripted and stoic delivery, likely due to her time as an anchor, earning her the nickname “Chenbot.”

A few months after Big Brother 5 wrapped in 2004, the host married then chairman and CEO of CBS Corporation, Les Moonves. However, she didn’t publicly begin using his last name until 2018, following multiple sexual misconduct accusations against him, who has since stepped down.

In addition to hosting the U.S. version of the show, Moonves also appeared on the two seasons of the celebrity spinoff and the only season of the CBS exclusive. Following Big Brother 22, the network announced the series would return with Moonves as host.

Julie Chen Moonves on the return of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ and ‘Over the Top’

While CBS has ordered the 23rd season of the original competition series, it has yet to renew Celebrity Big Brother or Over the Top.

In a December 2020 interview with BB21 finalist Nicole Anthony and podcast host Eric Curto, the host addressed the possible return.

She explained she and other producers “were pushing” for CBB3, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, but claimed the network said “not yet” likely because it has other shows to air.

The host also noted that OTT would be more challenging for CBS to order but believes there’s “money to be made,” so it could happen. Additionally, Moonves pointed out that streaming has become more popular, which might change the network’s mind.

Julie Chen Moonves wants to come near breaking Bob Barker’s record

Also during the interview, BB21 star Tommy Bracco asked Moonves what she wants for the future of the popular series. The host explained she believes another Celebrity Big Brother will air at some point but doesn’t know when, as it’s a “huge undertaking.”

Additionally, Moonves noted it’s difficult to find celebrities who want to give up their time to “be examined” for several weeks. The former anchor confirmed another season of the show would return and noted she wanted to see the series air for another 25 years.


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Moonves brought up Bob Barker, who hosted The Price is Right for 55 seasons, and claimed she wanted to host Big Brother for around the same amount of time without breaking his record.

Therefore, if Moonves gets her way, fans are in store for at least 20 more seasons. Big Brother 23 returns in summer 2021.