‘Big Brother’: Julie Chen Moonves Reveals What She Doesn’t Really Like About Some Newbie Contestants

Julie Chen Moonves has been a staple of the hit CBS reality television show Big Brother for two decades. She has seen many great, legendary players compete on the show, and many not-so-great players. Over the years, several seasons have featured returning players, but only one has had an entire all-star cast — until this season.

Julie Chen Moonves on 'Big Brother' set
Host Julie Chen Moonves on the premiere of ‘Big Brother 20’. | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Yes, Big Brother 22, which premieres Aug. 5, will be the show’s second all-star season. However, while this year’s cast is nothing but veterans, Moonves recently revealed what she doesn’t really like about some newbie contestants.

Julie Chen Moonves has been on ‘Big Brother’ for two decades

Prior to joining Big Brother, Moonves was the anchor for CBS Morning News. She then hosted the first season of Big Brother in 2000.

Moonves is beloved by fans of the show now, but viewers criticized her early for not having much of a personality. That ultimately earned her the nickname, “Chenbot.”

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“Season 1, I was terrible,” Moonves said on EW Live, according to Entertainment Weekly. “Let’s just say what everyone knows: I was the Chenbot. I deserved that name because I was robotic.”

Moonves has since been the host of the show for all 22 seasons. She also hosted two seasons of Celebrity Big Brother, and one season of Big Brother: Over the Top.

Moonves reveals what she doesn’t really like about some newbie contestants

Throughout the first 21 seasons of Big Brother, Season 7 was the only one to have an entire cast of veterans. There has, however, been several seasons with veterans and newbies.

Being around rookies is much different than being around vets of the show. However, Moonves recently revealed what she doesn’t really like about some new contestants.

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“Newbies who are fans of the show? It always kind of bums me out when they know so much because they’ve watched it and they speak the lingo like they’re professionals,” Moonves said on EW Live, per Entertainment Weekly. “They’re like, ‘Oh no, is this double eviction week? You think it is going to be double eviction?’ And I’m like, ‘You don’t know if we’re doing eviction or not this summer!'”

She went on to discuss what it will be like to have all-stars on the show.

“On one hand, these returning players, the ‘all-stars’ — they’re professional Big Brother players. But you have to think about the concept of the game,” Moonves said. “They’ve never played this game with these other 15 people. So that alone is going to have a built-in dynamic that keeps the show fresh. That’s what I love.”

‘Big Brother’ returns during the COVID-19 pandemic

In July, CBS confirmed that Big Brother 22 would be an all-star season. Big Brother is one of the first reality television series to begin production during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

CBS said that houseguests underwent a quarantine period prior to production and that they are getting tested several times before entering the house. Once inside the house, they will get tested weekly during the season. The houseguests will also have no contact with any crew members, and all supplies delivered will get disinfected. The staff and crew members will also get tested prior to working regularly and will get screened every day.

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“I’ve watched nine different COVID safety videos,” Moonves said, according to Entertainment Weekly. “We are happy to be back at work. And I truly believe we’re doing it in such a safe way.”

Big Brother 22 premieres on CBS on Aug. 5 at 9 p.m. EDT.