‘Big Brother’: Why Julie Chen Moonves Thinks Xavier Prather Is More Impressive Than Dan Gheesling

Big Brother 23 ended with Xavier Prather winning every single jury vote. Julie Chen Moonves went as far as saying his win is more impressive than Dan Gheesling for several reasons.

Xavier Prather won ‘Big Brother 23’

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The final three of Big Brother 23 came down to Azah Awasum, Derek Frazier, and Xavier. Xavier won the first part of the final Head of Household, and Azah won the second. They faced off in the third part and Xavier won by one point.

He decided to take Derek to the end with him. Xavier made it clear that he felt he was the best balancing working with his team and working with The Cookout. He also argued he strategically won and lost competitions when he needed to. Xavier also won the most HOHs and vetos.

In the end, the jury agreed with him. He won the season with 9-0 jury votes making him the first Black winner of the show. 

Why Julie Chen Moonves thinks Xavier is more impressive than Dan Gheesling

Host Julie Chen Moonves on 'Big Brother' stands on stage in front of the words "Final HOH" on a screen
Host Julie Chen Moonves on ‘Big Brother’ | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

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There have been a lot of comparisons between this cast and former houseguests. That’s only continuing after a winner has been crowned. Chen Moonves talked to Entertainment Weekly and explained why she thinks Xavier’s win was more impressive than one of the legends of the game.

“He’s only the third player to ever get an unanimous win… and in my humble opinion, he may be the best ever to do so,” the Big Brother host said. “Think about it: The first houseguest to ever do that was Dan Gheesling in season 10 (back then, the jury was only made up of seven people and he got all seven votes).”

She continued, “The next time was only last summer when Cody [Calafiore] beat Enzo [Palumbo] in All Stars. Cody won in large part because he is a competition beast. The kid is unstoppable and so impressive. Xavier won by knowing when to lose and winning when he had to, and was liked and admired by all in the house.”

Chen Moonves also mentioned how people voted her Xavier. “In addition to winning all nine votes, not a single negative comment was made from any juror when it came time to insert the keys! If that’s not proof of God and miracles, then what is?!”

There is one houseguest who threw shade at Xavier while voting on ‘Big Brother’

The claim that no one made a single negative comment while voting isn’t exactly true. Xavier and Kyland Young left things on an awkward foot. Kyland decided to bring up Xavier’s nephew and questioned if how he played is setting a good example. Kyland continued on that track when he inserted his key.

“My only note for you two and the kids watching at home, remember, there are more important things than money in life,” he said. Kyland wasn’t happy that Xavier went back on their final two deal, so this negative comment was in reference to that.

But Xavier did win over the entire jury. Even Kyland would agree that Xavier was one of the best players in the game. So Xavier has managed to win over more houseguests than the other unanimous winners of Big Brother.