‘Big Brother’ Star Kat Dunn on How Auditioning for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders ‘Molded’ Her

Remembered for her bubbly personality and memorable catchphrases, Big Brother 21 star Kat Dunn also previously danced for an NBA team and competed in beauty pageants. In the first episode of her new podcast, the 30-year-old reflected on her two auditions for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders squad and how the experience “molded” her into who she is today.

Kathryn Dunn in the Big Brother House
Kathryn Dunn in the Big Brother House | Monty Brinton

Kat Dunn on ‘Big Brother 21’

Last summer, then 29-year-old Texas-based digital marketing executive Kat Dunn competed on Big Brother 21. After a short-lived showmance with eventual winner Jackson Michie, the former pageant beauty found herself on the block in the first week.

She unanimously survived and began playing an under-the-radar likable “floater” game. However, the entire house found out about her pre-existing relationship with Holly Allen, which placed a massive target on her back as she sat on the nomination block.

The Texas-based survived the eviction, and her closest ally, Jessica Milagros, won the following Head of Household and Power of Veto competitions, saving her.

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In the next week, Tommy Bracco, who became very suspicious of the Texas-native after finding out about her secret, nominated the 29-year-old alongside another ally, Cliff Hogg III.

After receiving only Jessica Milagros’ vote to stay, the digital marketing executive was evicted. She went to the Jury House, where she later formed a relationship with Nick Maccarone.

Kat Dunn after ‘Big Brother 21’

After filming wrapped, Dunn partied in Las Vegas and California with several of her co-stars before returning to Texas. She also continued her relationship with Maccarone, who lived in New Jersey, and the two went to a football and baseball game.

Additionally, the couple did a few YouTube videos for Dunn’s channel. The reality star also focused on becoming an influencer as she began selling merchandise featuring her catchphrase and recorded The Bachelor-related live streams with BB19 star Jessica Nickson (Graf).

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Almost six months after she and Maccarone started dating, the two visited Los Angeles together. Unfortunately, only a few weeks later, the coronavirus (COVID-19) was declared a pandemic, making it impossible for the love birds to see each other.

Therefore, they decided to part ways. Shortly afterward, Dunn did an interview with blogger Reality Steve Carbone, and the two remained in contact. They hit it off, and Carbone confirmed they were seeing each other in June 2020.

Kat Dunn on Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders experience

The reality star’s rumored boyfriend joined her for the first episode of her new podcast, Conspire Away, B*tches! With Kat Dunn, where they discussed conspiracy theories and All-Stars rumors.

He interviewed her for the first part, and she opened up about how auditioning for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders twice “molded her into the person I am today.” According to the reality star, she grew up in an area in Dallas where people put a “huge emphasis” on dancing and beauty.

Additionally, she claimed that many girls aspired to become a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. Dunn explained that “mentality” guided her growing up as she became dedicated to achieving that goal.

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She auditioned for the highly regarded team immediately after high school and made it to training camp, but she didn’t make the cut. Even though the reality star auditioned again and didn’t make it, she noted that “chasing that dream” led to other opportunities for her, such as dancing for NBA team Dallas Mavericks.

Additionally, it helped her continually work on her physical fitness and dancing. Dunn also stated she used the confidence she gained from trying to become a DCC to push her television and influencer career “to the next level.”