‘Big Brother’: Kat Dunn Protects Her Tweets After Saying Whitney Shouldn’t Be ‘Cancelled’

Big Brother live feeds are up, but fans don’t get to see every conversation in the house. Some are talking about Whitney Williams after another houseguest made a comment about her. Kat Dunn said Whitney shouldn’t be canceled but then protected her tweets after getting backlash.

Why ‘Big Brother’ live feed fans are talking about Whitney Williams

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On July 11, Claire Rehfuss was seen talking to Whitney in the live feeds. It looked like they were having a casual conversation about them being tired. Claire looked at the cameras when Whitney left the room. She then whispered into her microphone, “Um, very weird. She doesn’t believe in Sandy Hook. Don’t know about that one.” Claire then looks in Whitney’s direction. This can be found in a video clip that was shared by a fan on Twitter

Fans didn’t actually get to see Whitney say this herself.  The fan who tweeted the clip of Claire saying this wrote, “Claire says ‘Um, very weird’ before the part you clipped. It seems like Qhitney [sic] said this in the living room group hang that BB production blacked out for a long time, so other HG may comment on it today. #BB23.” CBS did not return a request for comment about the alleged comments Whitney is accused of making.

Many fans started to get angry at Whitney for allegedly believing this. There is one alum who came to her defense.

Kat Dunn protects her tweets after saying Whitney shouldn’t be canceled

Kathryn Dunn wears a black crop top and leggings sitting in the diary room on 'Big Brother'
Kathryn Dunn in the Big Brother House | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

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Kat Dunn from Big Brother 21 had something to say about the situation. “As the local bb conspiracy theorist I feel like I need to make a statement about this 1st keep in mind that we didn’t actually hear this from Whitney. She might have been talking about outrageous conspiracies and Claire is using this one as an example for how unbelievable she was,” Dunn tweeted on July 11, according to screenshots shared in a Reddit thread.

The former houseguest added, “2nd, maybe Whitney was talking ABOUT the sandy hook conspiracy, and that doesn’t = she believes it. HOWEVER I’ve learned it’s a good idea to steer clear of even discussing these types of theories because they’re harmful to a lot of people, and honestly not even fun to think about.”

“People who entertain these types of theories, even for fun, typically will eventually find themselves in a dark place that can be impossible to find their way out of. It might start out fun to talk about, but it rarely stays that way,” she continued.

“But with all that being said, I don’t think Whitney deserves to be ‘cancelled’ over this. We just simply don’t have enough information about what she said or how she said it! It is, in fact, a conspiracy,” she tweeted.

It looks like many fans weren’t happy about this. Dunn later tweeted, “just because whitney [sic] isn’t here to receive your hatred doesn’t mean you have to send it to me.” She claimed she was leaving Twitter for the day then protected her tweets.