‘Big Brother’: Kat Dunn Reacts to Holly Allen Saying She Only Cared About ‘Relevancy’

Although runner-up Holly Allen and fan-favorite Kathryn Dunn knew each other before competing on Big Brother together, the two weren’t good friends. After getting close on the show, the two kept in contact until a blowup ended their friendship. Allen recently threw shade at her former friend on a podcast, and Dunn responded in a series of Instagram Live broadcasts.

Jessica Milagros, Kemi Fakunle, Kathryn Dunn, and Holly Allen in the Big Brother House
Jessica Milagros, Kemi Fakunle, Kathryn Dunn, and Holly Allen in the Big Brother House | Monty Brinton

Kat Dunn and Holly Allen were friendly before ‘Big Brother 21’

Texas-based digital marketing executive Kathryn Dunn and wine safari guide originally from Wyoming, Holly Allen, knew each other before they entered the Big Brother house as they met while both competing in pageants.

Additionally, the ladies did promotional modeling together. Even though they had met before, they didn’t know each other well enough to call themselves “friends.”

In the first couple of weeks in the Big Brother house, Dunn began a romantic fling with eventual winner Jackson Michie who ended it for Allen.

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However, it didn’t seem to bother the digital marketing executive as she aligned with the couple and named it “Threemance.”

After Dunn told Michie about her pre-existing relationship with Allen, he informed his close ally Jack Matthews, who exposed their secret to the house, making the ladies a target.

Two weeks later, the digital marketing executive was evicted and became the second member of the Jury.

Holly Allen threw shade at Kat Dunn on a podcast

Immediately after filming ended, several of the Season 21 castmates, including Allen and Dunn partied together in Las Vegas, visited Area 51, and toured Malibu Wine Safari, where the runner-up worked.

Shortly after Allen and Michie moved into an LA-based apartment together, Dunn came to visit in February 2020. However, the former friends got into a fight that ultimately ended their friendship.

Almost six months after their blowout and a few weeks after she and Michie broke up, Allen appeared on The Publyssity Podcast and threw shade at her former ally.

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The host asked if one should go on the show not knowing anything or if they should study up on the series, including the social media aspect. The BB21 runner-up explained it all depends on what the person wants to get out of the experience.

She used the Texas-native as an example and insisted Dunn never watched or cared about the show and only went on because she “wanted followers and relevancy.”

Therefore, the former Miss Wyoming claimed Dunn studied everything about the show and came into the house with a “marketing plan” to build her social media following. 

Kat Dunn responded to Holly Allen on Instagram Live

A couple of days after the podcast’s release, Dunn went live on Instagram several times and explained why the two aren’t friends anymore and reacted to Allen’s shady comments about her.

She referred to Michie and Allen’s relationship as “toxic” and unhealthy and detailed what happened the night she visited the couple. According to Dunn, she went Facetimed her then-boyfriend, co-star Nick Maccarone, in their spare bedroom with Michie.

However, Allen accused her former friend of trying to sleep with her boyfriend and kicked her out at 3 a.m. The runner-up also reportedly called the police, but Dunn had already left.

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Additionally, the Texas-native was upset the former Miss Wyoming brought her up in the podcast and said Dunn “hasn’t gotten over” things in her heart that happened a year ago.

She also threw shade at the runner-up before ending the Live, noting that Allen should have “worried about relevancy” as fans, especially Live Feeders, most only know her as “Beth.”

The digital marketing executive continued to throw shade on Twitter as she claimed Allen only went on the show “to do her makeup for hours on end.”