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Big Brother fans aren’t the only ones enjoying season 24. Kaysar Ridha and Janelle Pierzina are loving the game play too. This is what they had to say about returning to host a competition.

‘Big Brother 24’ continues the Festie Bestie twist

Kaysar Ridha (L) and Janelle Pierzina pose together closely of 'Big Brother'.
Kaysar Ridha (L) and Janelle Pierzina of ‘Big Brother’ | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The current season’s theme is festivals, and Julie Chen Moonves explained they’re not fun without best friends. The Festie Bestie twist had the cast pair up with at least one other person to play the game together. If one wins safety, then they share it. They also go on the block together. When one bestie is evicted, they have to join another set of besties.

The current house is split with Joseph Abdin, Terrance Higgins, and Monte Taylor working together. Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes are besties. Taylor Hale, Indy Santos, and Alyssa Snider are another set. Daniel Durston and Kyle Capener are a pair. Lastly, Jasmine Davis and Matt “Turner” Turner are together.

The majority alliance, The Leftovers, have been using this twist to their advantage. They’ve been making sure to be besties with people outside of the alliance to have the votes to evict them.

Kaysar Ridha and Janelle Pierzina want to appear on ‘Big Brother 24’

Some alums of the game have watched and shared their reactions to season 24. But others want to be involved with the game!

“I feel like my @CBSBigBrother bestie @JanellePierzina and I should definitely be hosting a comp this season. RETWEET and LIKE if you agree #BB24,” Ridha tweeted on Aug. 4. 

Of course, his bestie was quick to reply. “We should host a festie bestie comp for sure,” she tweeted.

“This suspiciously feels like something that has already been arranged,” Entertainment Weekly’s Dalton Ross replied. Ridha added, “We are trying to make arrangements using social media in real time.”

It’s unclear how much longer the Festie Bestie twist will last. But some fans will keep their fingers crossed that they’ll see the duo on their screens again. Ridha and Pierzina were last seen on Big Brother 22 for an all-star season. They were evicted before the jury because a large alliance formed against them. They first met on Big Brother 6 and became close friends.

There is a Janelle Pierzina superfan in the cast


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The season started with Michael saying he loves Pierzina. He watched one of her wins in his introduction scene in the first episode.

When Michael was on the block the first week, he asked himself, “What would Janelle do?” The answer was to win the veto, and he did. So it would be a full circle moment for the two to meet in the season. But again, fans can only hope for now.