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Big Brother 24 houseguests have talked a lot about last season. Kyle Capener claimed there’s a fine line to playing this game after The Cookout’s achievement.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 live feeds on Aug. 17, 2022.]

Kyle is working with The Leftovers on ‘Big Brother 24’

Kyle betrayed Alyssa Snider earlier in the season. He used the information she gave him about other alliances to form a majority alliance called The Leftovers. That includes Taylor Hale, Joseph Abdin, Monte Taylor, Matt “Turner” Turner, Michael Bruner, and Brittany Hoopes.

They’ve successfully picked off the other side of the house with Ameerah Jones, Nicole Layog, and Daniel Durston. But Taylor’s Head of Household this week was messy. Kyle is looking to take a shot at people within the alliance.

Kyle uses The Cookout to defend his pitch for a new alliance

On Aug. 17, Kyle and Brittany talked about balancing the personal and game with other houseguests. “I mean, I just know if I’m sitting at the end with any of those three with Monte, Taylor, Joseph, I lose by a landslide,” Kyle said. “That’s just a fact of the matter 100 percent.”

He claimed even Michael would lose despite playing an amazing game. Kyle said taking a “big shot” at them would get jury votes from other people, Monte and Joseph. Kyle talked about bringing in other people to back them up to make that move. He previously mentioned Brittany, Michael, and Turner should work together.

“Can I say something? Like that we need to be careful of, though,” Brittany warned. “What?” Kyle asked. 

“I don’t know if you considered this. One thing that I really wanna make sure doesn’t happen, and I know you, and I are not doing this for what it may look like,” Brittany said. “Have you thought about just–we don’t want a scenario where it’s Taylor, Monte, Terrance Higgins, and Jasmine on one side? You, me, Michael, Turner on another side.”

Kyle chimed in, “100 percent.” Brittany continued, “Even though we know it has nothing to do with what it looks like. That’s not the kind of game we want anyone to assume we’re playing.”

“I know the only thing that I can say ’cause I thought about that a lot,” Kyle said. “Like that has repercussions after the game.”

Kyle talks about including Terrance

Kyle Capener stands up to make an eviction speech with her hands in a prayer motion on 'Big Brother 24'.
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Brittany eventually said if that ends up being how the house splits, she “can’t do that.” Kyle agreed but then brought up The Cookout. 

“I agree 100 percent,” he claimed. “Oh, it’s such a fine line after last season because it was a big dominating force that was brought together because of some outside factors.” Brittany reminded him that he couldn’t assume it was happening again. 

Kyle pitched, bringing Terrance into the new alliance to target Monte. “What other option does he have?” Kyle asked. “He doesn’t,” Brittany said. 

Monte and Taylor are working together as part of The Leftovers. It’s been pretty obvious since last week that Terrance doesn’t like Taylor and neither does Jasmine Davis. However, Taylor has been honest that she doesn’t want to target another Black woman. But she has no problem if her alliance members do. So, in the end, Kyle’s theory of the Black players working together is untrue.