‘Big Brother’: Memphis Garrett Reveals the Meaning of His and Christmas Abbott’s Code Word, ‘Laundry’

Big Brother 22 stars Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott worked closely alongside each other during their time in the Big Brother house. Throughout the season, the two found themselves falling for each other, despite being in serious relationships. Many fans thought they noticed a showmance brewing between the couple because they believed the two shared a kiss and assumed their code word, “laundry,” stood for something regarding their potential relationship.

Less than two months after BB22 wrapped, Memphis and Christmas announced they started dating. Memphis revealed their code word’s meaning in an exclusive released a couple of days after the announcement.

Second place contestant Memphis Garrett,  Dan Gheesling, the winner of the "Big Brother Season 10 Grand Finale"
Second place contestant Memphis Garrett, Dan Gheesling, the winner of the “Big Brother Season 10 Grand Finale” | Frederick M. Brown

Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott were close allies during ‘Big Brother 22’

BB10 runner-up Memphis Garrett and BB19 finalist Christmas Abbott returned for Big Brother 22: All-Stars. During the first week, Memphis created a six-person alliance, The Committee, and invited Christmas, who agreed to join.

The group dominated the majority of the competitions, keeping the allies safe until the historic triple eviction. After the alliance broke up, Christmas and Memphis remained close, and their relationship strengthened when they sat on the block together.

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Perceived as the bigger competition threat, the BB10 runner-up was eliminated in fifth place, with Christmas following him to the jury house.

Fans speculated what Memphis and Christmas’ code word ‘laundry’ meant

During their time in the house, Memphis and Christmas established a close relationship and many Live Feed viewers noticed romantic sparks flying between the two.

Additionally, Christmas seemingly whispered something into Memphis’ ear before they went to bed, and fans believed the couple shared a kiss, although the couple, who were in relationships with other people at the time, deny it.

Memphis and Christmas also used a code word, “laundry,” and several fans thought the meaning had something to do with the alleged kiss they shared. The two began using it often and noted it was their favorite part of the day several times.

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During one conversation, Memphis stated he wished they had “more laundry time” that day. Christmas agreed and claimed she felt “cheated” and “frustrated” regarding the restrictions.

Additionally, at times the feeds would cut and show another room when they mentioned the code word. Therefore, many fans began to assume it had something to do with their relationship.

Memphis reveals the meaning of ‘laundry’

Less than two months after leaving the Big Brother house, Memphis and Christmas ended their respective relationships to begin dating each other. In an exclusive with Us Weekly, the BB10 runner-up explained he knew he wanted to be with Christmas around the sixth week in the house but insisted the two never “crossed a line.”

He also claims they never kissed or spent any time in the jury house together. Instead, the BB22 star said the two built a genuine connection “from the inside out.”

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Additionally, Memphis revealed the true meaning of their code word, explaining it referred to the time they knew the Live Feeds were down, allowing them to share personal information they wouldn’t want caught on the cameras.

Big Brother 23 returns next summer.