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In 2019, Dr. Will Kirby filed charges and a restraining order against Big Brother ally and longtime friend Mike “Boogie” Malin. The All-Stars winner has since been found guilty of felony stalking the physician.

Mike "Boogie" Malin, 35, (L) with Will Kirby, wins the grand prize at "Big Brother 7: All-Stars"
Mike “Boogie” Malin, 35, (L) with Will Kirby, wins the grand prize at “Big Brother 7: All-Stars” | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Dr. Will Kirby and Mike’ Boogie’ Malin met on ‘Big Brother 2’

Miami-based physician Dr. Will Kirby and bar owner Mike “Boogie” Malin met while competing on Big Brother 2 in 2001. They quickly became friends, leading to the notorious Chilltown alliance.

Kirby won the series, and they both returned for All-Stars (2006), where they revived their group. Again, the two controlled most of the game by creating fake alliances only to blindside them brutally and then laugh about it uncontrollably in the Diary Room.

This time, Malin went on to win the series in a dominating 6-1 vote.

While he returned for BB14 and missed the jury for the first time, Kirby, an aesthetic dermatologist, made appearances on several shows, including The Doctors, Bravo’s Then and Now, and The Price is Right, which he won. 

Malin arrested in 2020 for threatening Kirby

Although the physician and former bar owner initially remained friends after their appearance on the series, their lives went separate ways as Malin dealt with several legal and drug issues.

In Aug. 2019, Kirby filed a restraining order against his former ally, insisting Malin threatened him and his family. According to the documents, CBS contacted the duo in 2018 to gauge their interest in competing on The Amazing Race.

Kirby denied it, reportedly upsetting Malin, who wanted to participate in the show. Therefore, the former bar owner began sending “disturbing” text messages to Kirby, resulting in the BB2 champ blocking him. The physician then reported Malin began sending him threatening emails that included pictures of a gun pointed at a screen displaying photos of his young children.

As a result, Kirby stated he contacted the police and FBI as his former ally continued sending threatening messages to his brother and mother-in-law. After three days of his notes, the police arrested the season 6 winner for making felony criminal threats. Kirby then filed a restraining order shortly after his release on a $50,000 bond.

He was found guilty of felony stalking the physician

In a couple of May 2020 Cameo videos, Malin somewhat addressed the situation without offering a defense. He claimed “Chilltown is disbanded” because he no longer “speaks to that other mother f****r.” Malin also called his former person “not a good person.”

In Apr. 2021, the season 6 winner appeared in court and changed his plea from not guilty of felony stalking to no contest, receiving two-year probation. Additionally, he must spend three days in Los Angeles county jail, pay fees and restitution, maintain a residence, complete 160 hours of community service, and submit his DNA to a database.


‘Big Brother’ Star Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin Arrested for Threatening Former ‘Chilltown’ Ally, Dr. Will Kirby

Malin is also banned from buying guns, must hand over any already in his possession, and stay away from Kirby, his family, and 66 LaserAway clinics. The dermatologist later released a statement through his lawyer, noting, “we are grateful to the criminal justice system for holding Mr. Malin accountable for his actions.”

Big Brother 23 premieres on July 7 at 8/7 Central on CBS.