‘Big Brother’ Star Nick Maccarone Expecting a Child

Big Brother 21 star Nick Maccarone is remembered for his showmance, and jurymance, and unforgettable Taco Tuesday showdown. Following the season, he continued a relationship with Kat Dunn until they parted in Apr. 2020. While many fans assumed Maccarone was single, he recently announced he’s expecting a child with realtor Heather Bonato.

Nick Maccarone poses at a "Big Brother 21" East Coaster Meet & Greet
Nick Maccarone poses at a “Big Brother 21” East Coaster Meet & Greet | Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

Nick Maccarone competed on ‘Big Brother 21’

In June 2019, Nick Maccarone participated in the competition series and formed a showmance with Bella Wang early into the season.

However, their alliance turned on them and evicted her, as well as another close ally of his, back-to-back.

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As a result, Maccarone successfully positioned himself in the middle of the house until Christie Murphy exposed his gameplay during an infamous taco night to save herself from eviction.

The following week, Maccarone found himself on the block, but the viewers awarded him America’s Prankster, allowing him to choose the other nominee. He picked Murphy but was still unanimously evicted from the house.

He dated co-star Kat Dunn after the show

While in the jury house, the New Jersey native and former rival Kathryn Dunn fell for each other, forming the first jurymance. The viewers didn’t receive their newfound relationship well, namely because Maccarone professed his love for Wang shortly before his eviction.

Additionally, he didn’t tell his ex-showmance that he moved on to Dunn, and the former houseguest didn’t find out until the show highlights their relationship during a segment.

Regardless of the backlash, the two continued dating following filming but decided to call it quits after nearly a year of dating. The couple lived across the country from each other and planned on seeing one another but couldn’t because the COVID-19 pandemic limited flying.

Therefore, they chose to end their relationship. While Dunn went on to entertain The Bachelor spoiler Reality Steve Carbone, the New Jersey native seemed single as he hadn’t posted pictures of a significant other on social media.

Maccarone expecting a baby with Heather Bonato

Since appearing on the show, the reality star has begun live streaming on Twitch. He temporarily disabled his Instagram account last year when he made racially insensitive comments in a group chat someone leaked.

After taking a break for a couple of months, Maccarone has returned and posted pictures of him hanging out with co-stars Sam Smith, Tommy Bracco, and Murphy.

Additionally, he hosts mental health talk days on his Instagram account. The 28-year-old recently announced he’s expecting a child in Oct. 2021 with realtor Heather Bonato.

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It’s unclear if the two are dating and how long, if so, as they haven’t posted any pictures on social media with each other. Under a picture of a sonogram and onesie with the words “plot twist,” Maccarone noted he “cannot put into words” his excitement and is looking forward to starting a “new journey” in life.

Several Big Brother stars congratulated him, including season 19’s Elena Davies and BB20’s Rachel Swindler, in addition to his former houseguests Holly Allen, Cliff Hogg III, Nicole Anthony, and Murphy.

Bonato posted the same photo but included a picture of the soon-to-be parents holding the onesie. She echoed his same sentiments in her caption, noting she “can’t wait” to meet her child. Big Brother returns in summer 2021.