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After returning home from Big Brother 22, Nicole Franzel faced a lot of criticism she received due to her behavior in the house. In a series of farewell 2020 Instagram posts, the former champ addressed her “haters” and claimed they’ve helped her find happiness instead of taking it.

Nicole Franzel of the CBS series 'Big Brother'
Nicole Franzel of the CBS series ‘Big Brother’ | Monty Brinton

Nicole Franzel returned a final time for ‘Big Brother 22’

At the age of 21, recent nursing graduate Nicole Franzel made her debut on Big Brother 16 (2014). She won several competitions, including one to get back into the game, but ultimately became the jury’s fifth member.

The Ubly native returned two seasons later, where she remained under the radar with her showmance and avoided the nomination seats until the end of the season.

She then won over Paul Abrahamian in a 5-4 vote, becoming the first female to beat a male in the final two. Now 28 and engaged to BB18 co-star Victor Arroyo, she came back one last time, she claims, for BB22: All-Stars.

The former champ was well connected and had the protection of the main alliance for the majority of the game. She also formed a final two with Cody Calafiore, who blindsided her by casting the sole vote to evict her during the finale. The BB star has spent more time in the house than anyone else.

Franzel received backlash after ‘Big Brother 22’ appearance

Before the season began, a rumor circulated that the BB18 winner told on BB16 champ Derrick Levasseur and BB10 winner Dan Gheesling for creating pre-game alliances, resulting in the removal of the popular contestants from the BB22 cast.

Even though Levasseur and Gheesling have publicly denied Franzel having anything to do with why they didn’t appear on the show, many fans didn’t believe them and ran with the story.

During her time on BB22, numerous viewers didn’t like how she treated her friend outside of the BB house, Ian Terry, who revealed he had autism. In one notable incident, Franzel laughed while Memphis Garrett seemingly mocked Terry’s rocking, a technique he has stated helps him with his autism.

As a result, many fans reached out to the former champ’s sponsors, as she now works as a social media influencer, and asked them to cut ties with the Big Brother star. Several companies, including Olay, Pantene, and FabFitFun, agreed.

Franzel addresses ‘haters’ in farewell 2020 post

Because viewers disagreed with Franzel’s behavior, they sent her and her fiancé hateful messages. She addressed her controversial moments in the house during interviews, apologized, and claimed she reached out to Terry after returning home.

Shortly before the end of New Year’s Eve 2020, Franzel admitted she “drastically” changed in the months following BB22 in an Instagram post. She acknowledged her “haters,” the term she calls people who devote their energy to ruin her life and claimed they didn’t take away her joy.

‘I’m Done’: ‘Big Brother’ Star Nicole Franzel Says She’s Retired From CBS Show

In fact, Franzel said her haters helped her because it led her to realize that she holds “the power of my happiness.” The online influencer continued in another post, explaining that she previously sought “validation” from social media but now rarely uses her phone and focuses on her “real relationships” which she claims are more substantial.

She closed by thanking her haters for helping her realize that “things” don’t make her happy and teased upcoming changes. Franzel has limited comments on the posts.