‘Big Brother’: Producers Reportedly Encourage Houseguests Not to Talk to Live Feeders

Big Brother fans enjoy the staple Live Feeds as they find them entertaining, watch content typically not included in the edited episodes, and hear straight from the houseguests about their gameplay. However, former houseguests claim producers encourage them not to speak to the Live Feeders, reportedly insisting the viewers don’t like it.

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Live Feeds are a staple of ‘Big Brother’

Several reality shows film their cast 24/7, but Big Brother has allowed fans to watch the unedited streams on the CBS website since its inception.

The BB house is fitted with several cameras and microphones that capture the houseguests’ every word and movement, allowing viewers to watch their favorite players strategize, gossip, and build bonds with each other.

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Additionally, viewers can consume content the tri-weekly episodes can’t include, such as in-depth analysis on their gameplay, watch blowups live and unedited in ways the show can’t feature, and follow showmances on their journey.

Several fans consider the Live Feeds and edited episodes entirely different games and prefer the former. When entering the Big Brother house, the contestants are very aware of the always-watching cameras and speak to them, wanting to communicate to the outside world.

Jessica Milagros and Sarah Beth Steagall claim producers encourage houseguests not to talk to cameras

For example, BB23’s Tiffany Mitchell frequently updated her viewers on her real strategy by telling the cameras her actual move after falsely promising her vote to a houseguest.

Additionally, BB21’s Cliff Hogg accidentally blew his game up by revealing information, including his alliances, during his morning Cliff’s Notes to an eavesdropping Christie Murphie. Usually, viewers enjoy it when houseguests communicate with them, so they know where the player truly stands.

But, BB21’s Jessica Milagros and BB23’s Sarah Beth Steagall claim producers encourage them not to talk to the Live Feeders. During an Oct. 2021 episode of Girl, Let’s Agree to Disagree, Sarah Beth noted she regretted not speaking to the audience more throughout the season.

However, she explained the producers gave them a sheet with tips, and one advised them not to talk to the cameras. According to Sarah Beth, it claimed viewers don’t enjoy it when houseguests speak directly to them. Therefore, she took the advice. Jessica agreed, noting producers encouraged her and her castmates not to talk to Live Feeders as well.

Sarah Beth seemingly received a ‘villain edit’

As her motives and strategy weren’t always clear, many fans thought she only followed her “plus one,” Kyland Young, with no gameplay of her own. Additionally, one episode featured her willingness to turn on her former team, the Kings, which confused some viewers as they didn’t understand why.

Sarah Beth also received a lot of hate because she targeted fan-favorite Derek Xiao and seemingly received a “villain edit.” The BB23 houseguest addressed her portrayal during the podcast, admitting it surprised her. Although she hadn’t watched the season yet, Sarah Beth noted she realized she didn’t “pander” enough to the viewers while in the house.

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She claimed she “relied” on her Diary Room sessions to convey her gameplay properly but realized she should’ve talked to the cameras. According to Sarah Beth, she learned from her friends and family that she didn’t properly explain her strategy, which assisted with her villain edit.

The houseguest also admitted she wished she hadn’t taken the advice to ignore the cameras and would advise future players to talk to the Live Feeders.