‘Big Brother’ Star Rachel Reilly Tells Us About Her New Show ‘I Love the Brenchels—Moving On’

Rachel Reilly, star of reality shows such as The Amazing Race, Big Brother, and Celebrity Fear Factor, is set to star in another reality show. She recently announced she will be starring in a new TV show titled I Love the Brenchels–Moving On. (Brenchel is a combination of Rachel’s first name and her husband’s first name, Brendon.)

The series will follow Rachel and her husband, Brendon Villegas, while they travel across the country with their family. The show will also feature interviews with other reality stars. Reilly chatted with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about her new show, motherhood, and more.

Rachel Reilly on what prompted her to star in a reality show with her family

Rachel Reilly | Photo by Brendon Villega
Rachel Reilly | Photo by Brendon Villega

Reilly jumped at the chance to star in a reality show with her family. She says it was the perfect opportunity to share her life. She was more than happy to share another aspect of her life with the world.

Brendon and I love sharing our lives with our family and friends,” Reilly told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “We’ve been on camera our whole relationship, so it was a natural transition. We met on reality TV. We got married on reality TV. Even Adora (our daughter) was introduced on reality TV. So, this is just an exciting part of the Brenchels journey.”

What matters most to Rachel Reilly when it comes to her family-focused reality show

Reilly says when she was presented with the idea for a reality show with her family, she wanted to include elements that were important to her. One of those elements was the inclusion of her friends.

“When the opportunity came to work on a show with my family, we wanted to make sure it had everything we love and is essential to us,” says Reilly. “I think the audience would agree that I am known for being on numerous reality shows, so I wanted to make sure I included all my reality friends in the journey as well. Even my sister has been on a reality show, so that part was a no-brainer.”

Making an impact

Brendon Villega and Rachel Reilly with their children | Kendall Halliburton
Brendon Villega and Rachel Reilly with their children | Kendall Halliburton

Reilly says starring in another reality show isn’t just about being on television. She wants to make a difference in the lives of others.

“When given the freedom to create how the show was formatted, I wanted to make a difference and an impact,” says Reilly. “I want to make sure to tell stories and make a sustainable impact in each city we visit. So, we will be working with various service organizations with our reality friends that are important to them and the communities they live in and are a part of. We’re excited to make a difference and have the impact be lasting and sustainable in each area. This isn’t a show about us. It’s about the communities we visit. We just get to have an exciting role in their stories.”

Rachel Reilly says this is the toughest part of filming ‘I Love the Brenchels’

Filming I Love the Brenchels comes with some challenges. She anticipates it might be tough to make the greatest impact in such a short amount of time.

“Overcoming the challenge of making an impact in 24 hours will be the toughest part of the show,” says Reilly. “We wanted to make a difference when presented with how we wanted to format the show. It’s not just a travel show, and it’s not just a family show,” says Reilly.

Reilly wants to be able to make a difference that will stand the test of time. However, she’s confident she will be able to overcome any challenge that comes her way.

 “We want to make an impact that is sustainable in 24 hours! So, this part of the show and making this happen is going to be the most challenging–but I’m Rachel Reilly. I’m the queen of the challenge! I get knocked down and overcome challenges all the time, in life and reality TV!”

You can catch Reilly and her family in I Love the Brenchels–Moving On, when you tune into bspoketv.com.

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