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Rachel Reilly, star of reality shows such as The Amazing Race, Big Brother, and Celebrity Fear Factor, will be back for another show. She will be starring in a new reality TV show titled I Love the Brenchels–Moving On.  

Cameras will follow Rachel and her husband, Brendon Villegas, while they travel across the country with their family. The show will also feature interviews with other reality stars. Reilly spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about her show and gave her best tips for new moms.

Rachel Reilly is a mom of two

Rachel Reilly
Rachel Reilly | Photo by Brendon Villegas

Reilly says she has been enjoying motherhood. It doesn’t hurt that her eldest child, Adora, has been her little “helper.”

“Motherhood is so fun!” Reilly tells Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “I love being a mom of two. Adora is my biggest helper and fan. She’s always going out of her way to help me with something with the baby or our dog.”

Reilly says she and her daughter are close. She enjoys spending time with her and just having fun.

“She and I have so much fun together going on outings and to events,” says Reilly. “It’s like having a little best friend with you all the time. Baby Adler has been such a fun addition to our family! He’s extremely easy. Adora was a much more high-needs baby. Sleeping is a thing of the past. However, most nights, we end up with four humans and a dog in the bed. Thank goodness we have a California King bed!”

Rachel Reilly’s best tips for new moms

Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly with their children
Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly with their children | Kendall Halliburton

Reilly shared her tips for thriving as a new mom. She says it’s best not to put too much pressure on yourself and to just enjoy each day as it comes.

“My best advice for being a new mom is to not over-expect things,” says Reilly. “Things happen, nothing goes as planned, and you have to allow yourself to fail. I realized I just have to accept half the time, things won’t get fixed, and I won’t get to most things. I also learned I have to over-plan my days now. Being a full-time working mom of two has its challenges, but I wouldn’t trade it in for anything.”

How Rachel Reilly bounced back after having her baby

One thing you’ve likely noticed as how energized and fit Reilly looks after having her second baby. Although it looks effortless, she says she had to put in some effort to bounce back.

“I honestly have to work hard on being in shape,” says Reilly. “I don’t restrict my diet, but I am careful to eat healthily. I enjoy hiking, so we go on many hikes, and I enjoy jogging and yoga.”

Another thing Reilly tries to do is wake up early so she can have time to focus on herself. “I try to wake up at 5 or 6 in the morning for meditation, yoga, and ‘me’ time,” adds Reilly. “Sometimes at 8 pm or 9 pm, I’ll just do a few lunges or bicycle crunches. Around, 9 or 5 I will try to go on a long walk or jog, and the weekends, we hike and bike and explore. We’re active, so I credit [that]. Also, chasing a 5-year-old and nursing a 5-month-old on the go!”

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