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TV personality Julie Chen Moonves has hosted Big Brother since its inception in 2000. While it wasn’t sure if she would return to the show after her husband Les Moonves resigned as the CEO of CBS following several sexual assault allegations, the host has remained. Will Moonves return as the host for Big Brother 25?

Will Julie Chen Moonves return as host for ‘Big Brother 25?’

Big Brother 24 began shrouded in controversy as many viewers felt the other houseguests were bullying Taylor Hale, resulting in a public outcry.

Even though the season also included a perceived all-white alliance, it turned into a favorite as Taylor walked away with the win. Her victory made history as she became the first Black female champ and the first winner to receive America’s Favorite Houseguest as well.

During the finale, host Julie Chen Moonves announced the show would return for season 25 in the summer of 2023. She posted a clip to her Twitter thanking the current cast for participating and admitted she would miss watching along with the fans.

In the meantime, the host encouraged the viewers to watch other CBS shows until Big Brother returned. Before signing off with her trademark, “expected the unexpected,” Moonves teased, “I’ll see you next summer.” While the network hasn’t publicly announced her as the host of BB25 yet, it’s assumed she, who has held the duties since the show’s inception in 2000, will return.

Houseguests exited ‘Big Brother 24’ without saying goodbye

Moonves shared her thoughts on the current houseguests’ gameplay throughout the season to Entertainment Weekly.

In one interview, she talked about players who exit the house without saying goodbye, admitting she respects it. Terrance Higgins was unanimously evicted during the first half of the double eviction.

The DJ promptly walked out of the house without hugging anyone as he wanted to “pull a Daniel,” shouting out pre-juror Daniel Durston, who left without exchanging pleasantries. Regardless, the other players didn’t seem bothered, as they noted they loved the Chicago native anyway.

Matt “Turner” then won Head of Household for the second half of the double eviction and nominated Alyssa Snider and Brittany Hoopes, targeting the latter. Ally Monte Taylor won the Power of Veto and thought they should take the shot at Michael Bruner, who broke records with his competition wins, believing they wouldn’t have another opportunity.

Moonves considers exits without saying goodbye ‘real’

Monte saved Alyssa and Turner followed through by backdooring Michael, securing his eviction. Even though the superfan knew his game was over, he went out swinging.

Michael threw his closest friend Brittany under the bus, devastating her. When he got evicted, the Minnesota-based lawyer also ran out of the house.


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The host called the exits “real,” continuing, “it’s like, ‘OK, you don’t want me here? Then bye, Felicia!’”

Additionally, Moonves admitted she preferred reactions as those instead of fake ones in which the houseguests hug everyone who just voted them out, pointing out they might have backstabbed them in the process. However, the host also noted that production needed the extra time when the players say their goodbyes to set up the chairs for the exit interview. ‘Big Brother 24’: Did Michael Bruner Have the Most Iconic Exit in Franchise History?