‘Big Brother’: Robyn Kass Announces Break From the Show, Some Fans Think She’s Fired

Big Brother casting director Robyn Kass announced a break from the franchise in hopes of pursuing other ventures. However, her announcement happened around the time former winner Jackson Michie revealed he privately struggled with drug withdrawal in the house. Due to the timing and her past of casting controversial houseguests, many fans think the network fired her.

Jon Pardy, Robyn Kass and Neda Kalantar attend Shaw Media And Insight Productions Wrap "Big Brother Canada" National Casting Tour
Jon Pardy, Robyn Kass and Neda Kalantar attend Shaw Media And Insight Productions Wrap “Big Brother Canada” National Casting Tour | Sonia Recchia

Robyn Kass announces her break from ‘Big Brother’

In 2001, Los Angeles native Robyn Kass took over casting for Big Brother 2. On top of casting for the following season, she worked on Survivor: Marquesas, where one of the most recognizable contestants of the franchise, Boston Rob Mariano, made his debut.

In 2005, the casting director opened her own company and had gone to cast for other popular reality shows, including Love Island and spinoff Big Brother Canada.

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After serving as the casting director of BB (U.S.) for over 20 seasons, the LA native announced she would not return for season 23.

In a tweet, Kass called the news “bittersweet” and claimed she’s leaving to pursue other openings. Although the casting director noted she decided to “take a leave” from BB23, some fans thought CBS let her go due to the controversial houseguests selected for season 21.

Announcement came around Jackson Michie revealed previous drug addiction

BB21 champ Jackson Michie revealed he struggled with drug addiction before entering the Big Brother house in a Jan. 2021 TikTok video. According to the former winner, he developed a dependence on cocaine and prescription pills Xanax and Adderall and took his last Xanax a couple of days before entering the house.

The former winner also explained he had a stress-induced blood clot near his heart surgically removed a month prior to moving in. Following his reveal, many fans wondered how he got through casting while struggling with a drug addiction and went through withdrawal in the house.

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Therefore, they thought the producers might have secretly helped him. Additionally, co-star Jessica Milagros shared her experiences when going through casting and explained she had urine and a blood sample taken before she could move forward.

After hearing the response, Michie claimed Kass “didn’t know a thing” about his previous drug use and admitted he was privately “spiraling.”

Many fans believe Robyn Kass was fired

Due to the timing of Michie opening up about his drug addictions and Kass announcing a break, several fans thought one might have caused the other. Some believe the network let her go because they wanted a different person casting to meet its new diversity initiatives.

Additionally, podcaster Brent Wolgamott claimed the casting director was fired and not “pursuing new opportunities,” as she claimed. After she announced her break, several fans noted they had hope for the new season, namely when it comes to casting more people of color.

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However, BB3 runner-up Danielle Reyes explained the producers control who makes the final cast, not Kass. BB17 star Audrey Middleton agreed, noting the network executives have the ultimate power. Therefore, she believes the issues many fans have with the show “are not entirely gone.”

Currently, it seems as though Big Brother: Over the Top casting director Jesse Tannenbaum will take over the job. He previously worked on Survivor: Winners at War.